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Afternoon Tea: Elizabeth

  • May 14 @ 1pm

A film of the early years of the reign of Elizabeth I of England and her difficult task of learning what is necessary to be a monarch.


  • May 14 & Jun 11 @ 4pm
  • May 19, 23, 24 & 25 @ 4:30pm
  • May 19, 21, 24, 27, 30 & Jun 3 @ 7pm
  • May 20 @ 12:15pm
  • May 20 @ 4:15pm
  • May 21 @ 2:45pm
  • May 22 @ 12:45pm
  • May 22 & 28 @ 7:15pm
  • May 23 @ 9pm
  • May 25 & Jun 1 @ 9:30pm

A profile of an ancient city and its unique people, seen through the eyes of the most mysterious and beloved animal humans have ever known, the Cat.

Mulholland Dr.

  • May 14 @ 9:30pm
  • May 17 @ 9:15pm

After a car wreck on the winding Mulholland Drive renders a woman amnesiac, she and a perky Hollywood-hopeful search for clues and answers across Los Angeles in a twisting venture beyond dreams and reality.

Immortal Beloved

  • May 15 @ 7pm

This biography of Ludwig van Beethoven builds its narrative around an actual letter found after his death, addressed only to the composer's "immortal beloved." Through recollections and scattered hints, we receive glimpses of Beethoven's relationships with women, particularly his close interaction with a pair of very different Countesses.

David Lynch: The Art Life

  • Apr 7, 12 & May 15 @ 9:30pm

David Lynch the Art Life infuses Lynch's own art, music and early films, shining a light into the dark corners of his unique world, giving audiences a better understanding of the man and the artist.

Reel Paddling Film Festival

  • May 16 @ 7pm

The United Albertan Paddling Society (UAPS) welcomes you to join in a fun night exploring the world by water! Since 2006, the Reel Paddling Film Festival World Tour has been showcasing the very best in paddling films.

The Short Films of David Lynch

  • May 16 @ 9:30pm

New 2K digital restorations of six short films by Lynch: Six Men Getting Sick (1967), The Alphabet (1968), The Grandmother (1970), The Amputee, Version 1 and Version 2 (1974), and Premonitions Following an Evil Deed (1995).

The River of my Dreams

  • May 17 @ 7pm
  • May 22 @ 4:30pm

A look at the life and legacy of Canadian actor, Gordon Pinsent.

Art: The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins

  • May 18 @ 7pm

The Art Star and the Sudanese Twins follows Beecroft for sixteen months as she exposes the truth about her life with an often brutal honesty—her creative process, her struggle with depression, her volatile relationship with her husband, and her love for the twins.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me – 25th Anniversary

  • Apr 12 @ 7pm
  • May 18 @ 9:30pm

A young FBI agent disappears while investigating a murder miles from Twin Peaks that may be related to the future murder of Laura Palmer; the last week of the life of Laura Palmer is chronicled.

DEDfemme: Chained

  • May 19 @ 9:30pm

Bob, a cab-driving serial killer who stalks his prey on the city streets alongside his reluctant protégé Tim, who must make a life or death choice between following in Bob's footsteps or breaking free from his captor.

The Room

  • May 19 & Jun 2 @ 11:30pm

The film widely considered the “Citizen Kane of bad movies” is back! Be sure to catch Tommy and his friends the first Friday of the month for a late night screening this classic piece of so-bad-it’s-good cinema.

Family: The Lego Batman Movie

  • May 20, 23 & 24 @ 2pm

There are big changes brewing in Gotham City, and if he wants to save the city from The Joker's hostile takeover, Batman may have to drop the lone vigilante thing, try to work with others and maybe, just maybe, learn to lighten up.

Window Horses

  • May 20 @ 6:45pm
  • May 21 @ 12:45pm
  • May 22 @ 2:30pm
  • May 23 @ 7pm

Window Horses is an animated feature about love, poetry, family, and identity. The main character of the film, Rosie Ming, is a young mixed race Canadian poet who is invited to an international poetry festival in Iran, against the wishes of her Chinese grandparents.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

  • May 20 @ 10pm
A newly engaged couple have a breakdown in an isolated area and must pay a call to the bizarre residence of Dr. Frank-N-Furter.
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