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Family: Despicable Me 3

  • Nov 12 @ 1pm

Gru meets his long-lost charming, cheerful, and more successful twin brother Dru who wants to team up with him for one last criminal heist.


  • Nov 10 @ 7pm
  • Nov 12 @ 3:30pm

Founded in 2006, the REEL ROCK Film Tour brings the best climbing and adventure films of the year to live audiences around the world. It is the definitive annual event for climbing communities globally.

Cuban: Dis(locating) the Nation: Visual Cultures of Havana Panel

  • Nov 12 @ 6:15pm

This panel will gather three scholars (Victoria Ruétalo, Stephen Cruikshank, and Zaira Zarza) working on Cuban cinema in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta.

Cuban: Cuban Filmmakers in Canada

  • Nov 12 @ 7pm

This program presents the work of Cuban filmmakers who live and work in different locations of Canada.

Cuban: The Trilogy of the Generation

  • Nov 12 @ 8:15pm

While offering criticisms of the political, social and poor environmental decision of many people in the world, Aram Vidal explores the aspirations of the characters he interviews, as well as their sense responsibility and community.

Escape From New York

  • Nov 12 @ 10pm
  • Nov 13 @ 3:30pm

In 1997, when the U.S. president crashes into Manhattan, now a giant maximum security prison, a convicted bank robber is sent in to rescue him.

The Wrestler

  • Nov 13 @ 1pm
  • Nov 15 @ 9:30pm

A faded professional wrestler must retire, but finds his quest for a new life outside the ring a dispiriting struggle.

Slum Survivors

  • Nov 13 @ 6:30pm

Worldwide, more than a billion people live in slums. Slum Survivors tells the stories of a few of them and charts their remarkable courage in the face of extreme poverty.


  • Nov 10 & 11 @ 1pm
  • Nov 13 @ 9pm

Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire and France are surrounded by the German Army, and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.


  • Nov 5, 7 & 14 @ 9:30pm
  • Nov 9 @ 3pm
  • Nov 10 @ 3:30pm
  • Nov 14 @ 7pm

Mother! begins as a slow-burn and builds towards a furious blaze when a couple's relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence.

Canada: McLaren & Maddin

  • Nov 15 @ 7pm

We couldn't let Canada 150 pass by without celebrating two legendary filmmakers, Norman McLaren and Guy Maddin. Enjoy a selection of short films by McLaren, a pioneer in animation with the National Film Board, and Maddin, whose signature quirk makes him one of Canada’s most eccentric artists.

Science: The Madness of King George

  • Nov 16 @ 6:30pm

A meditation on power, and the metaphor of the body of state, based on the real episode of dementia experienced by George III (now suspected a victim of porphyria, a blood disorder).

Retro: Death Wish (1974)

  • Nov 16 @ 9:30pm

A New York City architect becomes a one-man vigilante squad after his wife is murdered by street punks in which he randomly goes out and kills would-be muggers on the mean streets after dark.

Human Flow

  • Nov 17, 18, 20 & 24 @ 6:45pm
  • Nov 17 & 23 @ 9:30pm
  • Nov 19 @ 3:15pm
  • Nov 21 @ 9pm
  • Nov 26 @ 1pm

Human Flow is director and artist, Ai Weiwei's detailed and heartbreaking exploration into the global refugee crisis.

Family: The Goonies

  • Nov 18 @ 1pm

In order to save their home from foreclosure, a group of misfits set out to find a pirate's ancient valuable treasure.

Edmonton Indie Filmmakers Night

  • Nov 18 @ 4pm

Come enjoy a night of local movies and meet the people making them, with six short films from Edmonton filmmakers and a live music performance from Skylar Radzion, performing her new single.

Psychedelia: The Holy Mountain

  • Nov 18 @ 9:30pm

In a corrupt, greed-fueled world, a powerful alchemist leads a Christ-like character and seven materialistic figures to the Holy Mountain, where they hope to achieve enlightenment.

Night Gallery: The Mysterious Monsters

  • Nov 18 @ 11:59pm

On the 50th anniversary of the iconic Patterson Bigfoot film, Night Gallery takes you back to those magical days with a screening of The Mysterious Monsters. Join your fellow monster fans as we explore the mystery together!

The Room

  • Nov 10, Dec 8 & 22 @ 11:30pm
  • Nov 25 @ 9pm

The film widely considered the “Citizen Kane of bad movies” is back! Be sure to catch Tommy and his friends the first Friday of the month for a late night screening this classic piece of so-bad-it’s-good cinema. You’re our favourite customer. Thanks a lot! Bye.

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