Programmer's blurb August 2013

By : metro

Hi everyone,

The summer has flown by and it's hard to believe that August is already here!
The Fringe Theatre Festival is this month and Accidental Humour returns to the Garneau with their show Happy Whackin' Jim McCrackin. To celebrate the festival's James Bond theme, we'll be screening From Russia with Love and Goldfinger, both with Sean Connery from the 60s. As well, with a serious tone throughout, Turkey Shoot will present Octopussy, with Roger Moore from the 80s.

We're presenting a number of fine documentaries, including Blackfish, a riveting film about the issues surrounding a killer whale in captivity. There will also be a screening of Sharkwater, presented by Fin Free Edmonton. Free the Mind explores the power of meditation through the work of a leading brain scientist and it's effect on war veterans and children. The acclaimed film Dirty Wars follows investigative reporter Jeremy Scahill as he journeys into the hidden aspects of America’s covert wars.

The Art Gallery of Alberta's Piano Film Series wraps up this month with the classic Canadian film, Thirty Two Short Films about Glenn Gould. As well, the western series Best of the West saddles up it's final screenings of The Searchers, The Wild Bunch and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.
Be sure to catch one of them!

Enjoy the films,
Metro Cinema's Programming Team

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