Canada's Top Ten

Canada’s Top Ten brings Canada’s most acclaimed filmmakers together with Edmonton audiences for an exciting cinematic experience honoring excellence in both short and feature length film, as chosen by a panel of filmmakers and industry professionals from across Canada, brought together by TIFF. This year’s films have won awards around the world, and Rebelle (War Witch) is Canada’s nominee for the Academy Award, Best Foreign Language Film. We’re also delighted this year to host director Peter Mettler, who will be here presenting his film The End of Time. Please join us in celebrating Canadian cinema.

(All Canada's Top Ten blurbs from TIFF)

Poster design by Robyn Stuart

CT 10: CT10: Shorts Programme B

  • Feb 17 (2013) @ 9pm
The best laid plans go awry in this diverse programme of shorts, which includes a stop-motion exploration of the hardship of labour, a portrait of a young woman’s life turned upside down by a disobedient dog, and Deco Dawson’s award-winning... view more

CT 10: The World Before Her

  • Feb 17 (2013) @ 3:15pm
...Contrasts two radically different Indias: on one side is a large faction of fundamentalist Hindu women; on the other, women who embrace the “new” by entering the Miss India beauty pageant. Crosscutting between these two worlds, Pahuja creates a dark,... view more

CT 10: Laurence Anyways

  • Feb 16 & 18 (2013) @ 9pm
Shot in a kind of hyper-florid style to capture the vicissitudes of an untenable love affair, Xavier Dolan’s epic romance _Laurence Anyways_ feels like Wuthering Heights relocated to the streets of Montreal, with a transgendered Heathcliff and a punky Catherine.... view more

CT 10: Still Mine

  • Feb 16 (2013) @ 7pm
Sometimes cantankerous and always stubborn, Craig (James Cromwell) owes the survival of his New Brunswick family farm to his relationship with his wife, Irene (Geneviève Bujold). But when Irene’s health begins to fail, Craig is faced with the choice of... view more

CT 10: War Witch (Rebelle)

  • Feb 15 (2013) @ 9pm
  • Feb 19 (2013) @ 9:15pm
  • Feb 21 (2013) @ 7pm
  • Feb 23 (2013) @ 4pm
Kim Nguyen’s harrowing film tells the story of a 12-year-old Central African girl (Rachel Mwanza) abducted by a rebel army and forced to commit unspeakable acts as a child soldier. Winner of the Best Actress prize at Berlin in 2012,... view more

CT 10: CT10: Shorts Programme A

  • Feb 12 (2013) @ 7pm
From a magical animated piece based on the famous tale of Kaspar Hauser to a comic riff on spirituality and temptation from Trailer Park Boys creator Mike Clattenburg; from a surreal account of a woman succumbing to illness to powerful... view more

CT 10: Cosmopolis

  • Feb 10 (2013) @ 9:30pm
Arriving in the wake of the Occupy movements and the recent financial collapse, David Cronenberg’s stylish and timely adaptation of Don DeLillo’s apocalyptic satire follows a billionaire financier (Robert Pattinson) as he creeps across an imploding New York City in... view more

CT 10: Goon

  • Feb 10 (2013) @ 2:45pm
  • Feb 11 (2013) @ 9:15pm
The latest from acclaimed maverick Michael Dowse (_Fubar, Fubar 2, It’s All Gone Pete Tong_) is a raucous, hilarious take on Canada’s one true national obsession. Goon deals with a conflict every hockey fan - and virtually every Canadian, fan... view more

CT 10: Midnight's Children

  • Feb 9 (2013) @ 9:15pm
  • Feb 10 (2013) @ 6:45pm
Deepa Mehta’s highly anticipated collaboration with Salman Rushdie on the screen adaptation of his Booker Prize–winning novel is an inspired allegorical fantasy that follows the destinies of two children born at the stroke of midnight on August 15, 1947 -... view more

CT 10: Stories We Tell

  • Feb 9 (2013) @ 7pm
  • Feb 12 (2013) @ 9pm
  • Feb 18 (2013) @ 4pm
The first documentary from director Sarah Polley is a personal essay on the intractable subjects of truth and memory. Using a captivating combination of archival footage, still photos and testimonials, Polley examines the disagreements and varying narratives of her own... view more

CT 10: My Awkward Sexual Adventure

  • Feb 8 & 14 (2013) @ 9:30pm
Raucous, sexy and frenetic, the film follows an accountant who makes a pact with an exotic dancer who, in exchange for his financial advice, agrees to help him beef up his skills as a lover and win back the love... view more

CT 10: The End of Time

  • Feb 8 (2013) @ 7pm
  • Feb 10 (2013) @ 12:30pm
  • Feb 13 (2013) @ 9:30pm
Peter Mettler’s first feature-length documentary since the Genie-winning _Gambling, Gods and LSD_, _The End of Time_ is a visually stunning tour de force, as one might expect from one of Canada’s greatest cinematographers. It’s also a rich, deeply rewarding and... view more
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