Cult Cinema

A monthly series of eccentric classics curated by Jeff Noel.

Donnie Darko

  • Oct 27 (2015) @ 7pm

Donnie Darko is a moody fable of time travel and the dissociation of the teenager. Or, possibly, it’s the story of a young man struggling with mental illness. Either way, Frank is a much cooler, darker six foot invisible rabbit than Harvey ever was, and Jake Gyllenhall is unforgettable.

Cult: Akira

  • Sep 29 (2015) @ 9pm

One of the best-known examples of contemporary Japanese animation, this cyberpunk adventure takes place in the post-apocalyptic city of Neo-Tokyo. A teen-age boy is exposed to a mysterious energy source and develops telekinetic powers that place him at the center of a conflict that may destroy the world.

Cult: Dog Day Afternoon

  • Aug 25 (2015) @ 9pm

When inexperienced criminal Sonny Wortzik (Al Pacino) leads a bank robbery in Brooklyn, things quickly go wrong, and a hostage situation develops. 

Cult: The Last Detail

  • Jul 21 (2015) @ 9:15pm

When sailor Larry Meadows (Randy Quaid) is sentenced to eight years in a New Hampshire prison, Navy lifers Billy Buddusky (Jack Nicholson) and Mule Mulhall (Otis Young) are assigned to escort him there from Virginia.

Cult: Cool Hand Luke

  • Jun 23 (2015) @ 9:30pm

Paul Newman stars as Lucas Jackson, a petty criminal on a chain gang in a small Southern
town. A rebel with more guts than good sense, he gains the respect of his fellow inmates with his repeated escape attempts and his fearless approach to beatings, bets, and dares. But even “Cool Hand Luke” has his limits. (TCM)

Cult: The Peanut Butter Solution

  • May 26 (2015) @ 9:15pm

In this classic from Montreal’s Les productions la fête, the “Disney of the North,” we meet Mike whose  hair, after falling out from fright, is growing out of control, the result of a peanut butter hair-growing paste given to him by the ghosts of an elderly homeless couple.

Cult: Midnight Cowboy

  • Apr 28 (2015) @ 9:15pm

Joe Buck is a Texas dishwasher without friend or family when he comes to New York to make his fortune as the rich ladies’ stud. Instead, he winds up a half-hearted 42nd Street hustler whose first and only friend, Ratso Rizzo, is a gimpy, verminous, yet eminently likeable con artist from the Bronx. Midnight Cowboy is a slick, brutal (but not brutalizing) movie version of James Leo Herlihy's 1965 novel, so rough and vivid that it's almost unbearable. (New York Times)

Cult: UHF

  • Mar 24 (2015) @ 9pm

George Newman is given control of a UHF station, which he transforms into a powerhouse of original programming, like "Wheel of Fish" and "Celebrity Mud Wrestling" (with special guest Mikhail Gorbachev). Written by Weird Al Yankovic with director Levey, and packed with literally thousands of jokes and gags, UHF is essentially a vehicle for the God of Musical Parody, to ply his satirical trade.

Cult: Love Streams

  • Feb 24 (2015) @ 9:30pm
The electric filmmaking genius, John Cassavetes, and his brilliant wife and collaborator, Gena Rowlands, give luminous, fragile performances as two closely bound, emotionally wounded souls who reunite after years apart. Exhilarating and risky, mixing sober realism with surreal flourishes, Love... view more

Cult: Léon: The Professional

  • Jan 27 (2015) @ 9:30pm
The professional is Leon (Jean Reno), an immigrant hitman for the Manhattan mafia who develops a dubious yet engaging relationship with Mathilda. A hardened 12-year-old girl (a young Natalie Portman), she seeks the killer’s tutelage when her family is slaughtered... view more

Cult: Say Anything

  • Dec 23 (2014) @ 9:30pm
Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack one of his iconic roles) is a gallant 19-year-old Seattle kickboxing fanatic whose untried confidence is shaken when his whirlwind romance with Diane Court (ione Skye), the idealized scholar-princess of his class, ends as abruptly as... view more

Cult: There Will Be Blood

  • Nov 25 (2014) @ 9pm
_There Will Be Blood_ is bravura filmmaking by one of American film’s modern masters. Paul Thomas Anderson’s epic poem of savagery, optimism and obsession is a true meditation on America. The film drills down into the dark heart of capitalism,... view more
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