Hi-Def Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock is an icon in the purest sense. His profile is an immediately recognizable symbol. His name has been absorbed into the popular lexicon to signify: a) a peculiar narrative formula featuring stylized paranoia and suspense; b) a heightened aesthetic style loaded with moody significance; c) a peculiarly playful sense of the macabre; and d) a proclivity for blondes. Whether you’ve seen all or none of his films, you’ve probably heard his name.

In a career that spanned decades, continents, genres, cinematic paradigms – from silent to sound, black and white to colour – and screens big and small, Hitchcock gained universal renown as one of cinema’s most prolific and eccentric geniuses. While he was not an “auteur” in the strict sense that he did not write, photograph, or edit the films he directed, he was the quintessential auteur in a broader sense, as the guiding force infusing each of his projects with his singular, signature vision.

Throughout March and April Metro will be transmitting Hitchcock’s vision with unprecedented intensity, as we present some of the most iconic films in gloriously remastered high definition digital format.

Don’t be left in suspense! Get the Hi-Def Hitchcock pass and catch all 6 thrilling classics in our series for a very Hitchcockian deal.

Hi-Def Hitchcock Series Pass: $39 Available online at shop.metrocinema.org and at our box office.

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And if your appetite for Alfred still hasn’t been slaked, have no fear – there are yet more Hitchcockian delights in which to partake. After bringing you Hitchcock’s seminal shocker Psycho in March, CRIME WATCH presents a contemporary, closely-related film in April, the weird crime classic, Homicidal, from macabre master, William Castle. Meanwhile METRO BIZARRO will put Psycho’s legacy on display in March with Richard Franklin’s Psycho II, the sequel that spun Hitchcockian conventions through the cuisinart of eighties horror – and in April, with Four Flies on Grey Velvet, the giallo from the “Italian Hitchcock,” Dario Argento.

The Birds

  • Apr 25 (2015) @ 7pm
  • Apr 26 (2015) @ 1pm
  • Apr 29 (2015) @ 9:15pm

Loosely adapted from a Daphne du Maurier short story, The Birds is the tale of a pristine city woman who comes undone in a rustic seaside town where the birds have gone berserk. The Birds is generally regarded as the last great Hitchcock movie (it was shot when the director's reputation was at its peak).


  • Apr 4 (2015) @ 7pm
  • Apr 5 (2015) @ 1pm
  • Apr 8 (2015) @ 9:15pm

A mesmerizing suspense/thriller about a macabre, doomed romance – a desperate love for an illusion – Vertigo follows a troubled man's obsessive search for an elusive ideal.

North by Northwest

  • Mar 28 (2015) @ 7pm
  • Mar 29 (2015) @ 1pm
  • Apr 1 (2015) @ 9:15pm

A quick-paced, glamourous espionage thriller, North By Northwest involves the tongue-in-cheek odyssey of a light-hearted and complacent Manhattan advertising executive who suddenly finds himself caught up in an unexplainable series of events and subterfuge. It all comes literally to a head on the Presidential faces of Mount Rushmore.

Rear Window

  • Mar 21 (2015) @ 7pm
  • Mar 22 (2015) @ 1pm
  • Mar 25 (2015) @ 9:15pm

Jeff is a man of action who has been laid up in his apartment with a broken leg. His apartment window shares a courtyard with many other windows and he becomes familiar with some of the other tenants, including Thorvald, a man whose bed-bound wife makes his life miserable. When the wife vanishes Jeff begins to suspect there has been a murder.

Crime: Psycho

  • Mar 17 (2015) @ 7pm

What seemingly begins as a taut crime flick about a blond on the lam veers into the shadowy territory of a twisted murderer plagued by macabre fantasies, and becomes a surreal portrait of psychosis that draws the audience into the claustrophobic, off-kilter world of a sick mind. Part thriller, part horror story, Psycho shocked audiences when it was first released, and the twist ending still makes the uninitiated jump.

Shadow of a Doubt

  • Mar 7 (2015) @ 7pm
  • Mar 8 (2015) @ 1pm
  • Mar 11 (2015) @ 9:15pm

Behind its wholesome, middle American values, dark corruption lies hidden within a family. Uncle Charlie is a psychotic killer whose namesake niece is emotionally excited by her worldly uncle, but her opinion of him slowly changes as she probes into his evil, murderous secrets.

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