DEDfemme aims to celebrate and promote the unique cinematic visions of women in genre film. Women are sorely undervalued in the filmmaking industry, but more so within the realm of genre. The unfortunate truth is that people don’t often equate great horror, action, sci-fi, western, psychological thriller and quirky comedy with the filmmaking efforts of women, but DEDfemme is here to prove that women are indeed out there, kicking ass and producing some of the most remarkable and offbeat stuff genre cinema has to offer. Curated by Lacey Paige.

DEDfemme: Blood Hunters

  • Jul 7 (2017) @ 9:15pm

Asingle mother wakes up in a medical facility to find that everyone is dead and she's nine months pregnant.  

DEDfemme: Chained

  • May 19 (2017) @ 9:30pm

Bob, a cab-driving serial killer who stalks his prey on the city streets alongside his reluctant protégé Tim, who must make a life or death choice between following in Bob's footsteps or breaking free from his captor.

DEDfemme: XX

  • Mar 10 (2017) @ 9pm

An all-female horror anthology featuring new work from Karyn Kusama, Annie Clark, Roxanne Benjamin and Jovanka Vuckovic.

DEDfemme: Blood Diner

  • Jan 13 (2017) @ 9:30pm

Two cannibalistic brothers kill various young women to make their flesh part of the new special dish at their rundown restaurant while seeking blood sacrifices to awaken a dormant Egyptian goddess.

DEDfemme: Near Dark

  • Nov 11 (2016) @ 9pm

A small-town farmer's son reluctantly joins a traveling group of vampires after he is turned by a beautiful drifter.

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