The Celluloid Has Been Drinking: Tom Waits on Film

"God's away on business," howled the voice from the car radio. Like most of the people who know Tom Waits, I know him through his trademark whiskey-soaked growl. His music was a companion for many years; I didn't discover his films until over a decade later. The trickster behind the voice captivated me even more: the ability to play with life is in all of us, but few wear it as well as Mr. Waits."

Curated by Ryn Climenhaga.

Mystery Men

  • Mar 23 @ 9:30pm

In the buzzing metropolis of Champion City, an ineffective but determined group of would-be superheroes - Mr. Furious, the Shoveler, and the Blue Raja - attempt to make a name for themselves, despite being constantly upstaged by the city's cherished superhero, Captain Amazing.

Down By Law

  • Mar 17 @ 9:15pm

When Zack (Tom Waits) and Jack (John Lurie) are both arrested and jailed for a crime they did not commit, they are placed in a jail cell with Roberto; a cheerful Italian man convicted of manslaughter. Despite their differences, they must learn to work together if they want to escape their predicament.

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