Rebel, Rebel: Cinema's Renegades, Delinquents, and Punks

The rebel, the misfit, the nonconformist: a favourite film subject. By scrambling outside of the box, they remind us where the walls are. Metro is pleased to present six classic films about the renegades, delinquents, and punks that people love so much—and one film that shows what happens when the bad boys get old.

Rebel, Rebel: T2 Trainspotting

  • Jun 24 @ 9pm

After 20 years abroad, Mark Renton returns to Scotland and reunites with his old friends Sick Boy, Spud, and Begbie.

Rebel, Rebel: Trainspotting

  • Jun 24 @ 7pm

Renton, deeply immersed in the Edinburgh drug scene, tries to clean up and get out, despite the allure of the drugs and influence of friends.

Rebel, Rebel: Sid and Nancy

  • Jun 23 @ 9:30pm

Morbid biographical story of Sid Vicious, bassist with British punk group the Sex Pistols, and his girlfriend Nancy Spungen.

Rebel, Rebel: The Warriors - Director's Cut

  • Jun 10 @ 9:30pm
  • Jun 14 @ 7pm

In the near future, a charismatic leader summons the street gangs of New York City in a bid to take it over. When he is killed, The Warriors are falsely blamed and now must fight their way home while every other gang is hunting them down.

Rebel, Rebel: The Wanderers

  • Jun 9 @ 7pm
  • Jun 12 @ 9:15pm

The Wanderers are an Italian-American gang vying for respect on the streets of the Bronx in 1963. Between rumbles with rivals such as the Ducky Boys and the Fordham Baldies, the group learns some difficult lessons about life and love. 

Rebel, Rebel: Bonnie and Clyde – 50th Anniversary

  • Jun 3 @ 9:30pm
  • Jun 7 @ 7pm

Bonnie Parker, a bored waitress falls in love with an ex-con named Clyde Barrow and together they start a violent crime spree through the country, robbing cars and banks.

Rebel, Rebel: Rebel Without a Cause

  • Jun 2 @ 6:30pm
  • Jun 5 @ 9:15pm

A rebellious young man with a troubled past comes to a new town, finding friends and enemies.

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