Night Gallery

Night Gallery is an experimental "cinema lounge", a chance for Edmonton's late-nite film lovers to get together and take a walk on the weird side. Join us in the sumptuous Metro Gallery where we will explore all the strange things cinema has to offer. Bar service will be available so have a drink and feel free to mill about and chat (respecting your fellow patrons of course). Tickets are only $6, but limited, so buy early! Curated by Allan Mulholland.

Night Gallery: Starman: Invaders from Space

  • Mar 17 @ 11:59pm

Starman! A man of steel from another planet, he is the Japanese Superman. Dispatched by the alien council of the Emerald Planet to protect the Earth, he could fly through space, detect radiation, and speak any language.

Night Gallery: Adult Cartoon Party!

  • Feb 17 @ 11:59pm

Night Gallery warms up a chilly February evening with our first ever Adult Cartoon Party! From the earliest days of animation to the present, there has always been a market for the naughty and nasty.

Night Gallery: D.I.Y. Video Jukebox

  • Jan 13 @ 11:59pm

Night Gallery is all about building community, so let's do a little project together! D.I.Y. Video Jukebox is a chance for audience members to share their favorite short videos with the rest of the gang.

Night Gallery: VHS Mystery Movie Night!

  • Dec 16 (2017) @ 11:59pm

Night Gallery is dusting off the old VHS player for a Mystery Movie night. By mystery, we mean that the film's title will be kept a secret until showtime. The movie is a long forgotten gem that features an all star cast with dialogue you will find yourself quoting around the water cooler the next day. Intrigued? You should be!

Night Gallery: The Mysterious Monsters

  • Nov 18 (2017) @ 11:59pm

On the 50th anniversary of the iconic Patterson Bigfoot film, Night Gallery takes you back to those magical days with a screening of The Mysterious Monsters. Join your fellow monster fans as we explore the mystery together!

Night Gallery: Skeleton Farm's Halloween Horrorshow

  • Oct 14 (2017) @ 11:59pm

In the 80s and 90s video mixtapes (usually painstakingly edited onto VHS) shared among friends were the YouTube of their day. You never knew what you were going to see, sometimes wishing you hadn't, but that was half the fun. Skeleton Farm continues the tradition to this day.

Night Gallery: Spider Baby – 50th Anniversary

  • Sep 9 (2017) @ 11:59pm

A caretaker devotes himself to three demented siblings after their father's death.

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