Off Island On Screen: Cuban Cinema

Diasporic cinemas are a central part of Cuban culture on and off the island in the post-2000 era. Cuban film and media today is shaped by migrant experiences, identities, and multiple forms of contemporary mobility. The act of moving homes defines new constructions of social imaginaries and alters feeling and practices of citizenship. With a focus on documentary, this film series promotes the work of filmmakers who live or have lived temporarily or permanently abroad. All screenings will be followed by a Q & A with the filmmakers. 

Cuban: The Trilogy of the Generation

  • Nov 12 (2017) @ 8:15pm

While offering criticisms of the political, social and poor environmental decision of many people in the world, Aram Vidal explores the aspirations of the characters he interviews, as well as their sense responsibility and community.

Cuban: Cuban Filmmakers in Canada

  • Nov 12 (2017) @ 7pm

This program presents the work of Cuban filmmakers who live and work in different locations of Canada.

Cuban: Dis(locating) the Nation: Visual Cultures of Havana Panel

  • Nov 12 (2017) @ 6:15pm

This panel will gather three scholars (Victoria Ruétalo, Stephen Cruikshank, and Zaira Zarza) working on Cuban cinema in the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Alberta.

Cuban: Loud and Clear

  • Nov 11 (2017) @ 7pm

In 2014 Women in Exile, a group of women asylum seekers in Germany joined the musician Heinz Ratz and a travelling project from Nuremberg to Berlin to draw attention to their situation and carry their demands to the public.

Cuban: Dark Glasses

  • Nov 11 (2017) @ 4:30pm

Esperanza is a blind woman who lives alone in the Cuban countryside that distracts a criminal who breaks into her house with three of the tales she has written about "common people worth remembering." 

Cuban: Cuban Cinema of the 1960s: A Talk by Susan Lord

  • Nov 11 (2017) @ 3:30pm

This talk will help audiences to locate the roots of Cuban diaspora filmmaking in the Escuela Documental Cubana of the 1960s.

Cuban: Claroscuro

  • Nov 10 (2017) @ 9:30pm

The film tells the story of children who suffer from XP (Xeroderma Pigmentosum); their skin cannot be exposed to sunlight as this would have lethal consequences.

Cuban: The Ones Who Stayed

  • Nov 9 (2017) @ 7pm

The film explores on the identity and roots, through the history of Catalan emigration to the island, on a trip taken by director Vanessa Batista.

Cuban: Cuban Cinemas Beyond Borders - An Open Conversation with Ana López

  • Nov 9 (2017) @ 6pm

A long-standing faculty member of the Stone Center, Ana M. López is the director of the Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute.

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