Turkey Shoot!

Join Dave Clarke, Jeff Page and their sarcastic friends as they make fun of cinema's most ridiculous movies.

Turkey Shoot: Birdemic: Shock and Terror

Director: James Nguyen
USA 2008, 90 min, Video
  • Jul 22 (2010) @ 9pm
San Francisco is under attack by exploding birds that spit acid! Dubbed "the best worst film of 2010" by the horror film website Bloody Disgusting, Birdemic: Shock and Terror is directed by James Nguyen, who has legally trademarked himself the... view more

Turkey Shoot: Zardoz

Director: John Boorman
UK 1974, 105 min, 35mm
  • May 26 (2010) @ 9pm
Sean Connery tries to save the future wearing a bright red diaper! In the future, people worship a flying stone head god that teaches, "The gun is good. The penis is bad." Now, Dave and Jeff can certainly get behind... view more

The Island of Dr Moreau

Director: John Frankenheimer
USA 1996, 96 min, 35mm
  • Apr 14 (2010) @ 8pm
Ah, there’s nothing like being shipwrecked on a tropical island. The  sun. The ocean. Genetically altered manimals. Self indulgent actors. Val Kilmer had the original director fired from this Brando-rific monstrosity, so the director got even by dressing up like a  manimal and sneaking back onto the... view more

The Room

Director: Tommy Wiseau
USA 2003, 99 min, 35mm
  • Mar 3 (2010) @ 8pm
Mr. Wiseau wrote and directed this movie. And acted the lead part and used a close up of his own face as the poster. As producer, he raised all the money himself. He imagined it to be a passionate Tennessee... view more

Turkey Shoot: Blame it on Rio

Director: Stanley Donen
USA 1984, 100 min
  • Feb 3 (2010) @ 8pm
What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with creepy Michael Caine in a not so subtle stinker about borderline pedophilia. Caine and Joseph Bologna (the man, not the cold cut) travel to Rio De Janeiro with teenaged Demi Moore... view more

Turkey Shoot: Logan's Run

Director: Michael Anderson
USA 1976, 120 min
  • Jan 6 (2010) @ 8pm
This Sci-Fi cheeseball classic has a delicious premise: In the 23rd century, people are terminated on their 30th birthday. Wow! This movie features a young and sexy Michael York and an even younger and sexier Farrah Fawcett (pre Charlie’s Angels... view more

Turkey Shoot: The Poseidon Adventure

Director: Ronald Neame
USA 1972, 117 min
  • Dec 16 (2009) @ 8pm
This is Jeff Page’s all time favourite holiday movie. And he’s furious that Dave Clarke scheduled it for a Turkey Shoot while he was in the washroom. Ring in the new year with this granddaddy of all disaster films. See... view more

Turkey Shoot: Beaches

Director: Garry Marshall
USA 1988, 123 min
  • Nov 25 (2009) @ 8pm
Bring your Kleenex and barf bags. Turkey Shoot celebrates the tear jerker with this friendship epic starring Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey (her lips still swollen from the collagen she injected for The Last Temptation of Christ). A Mystery Guest... view more

Turkey Shoot: Flesh for Frankenstein

Director: Paul Morrissey & Antonio Margheritie
USA 1974, 95 min
  • Oct 28 (2009) @ 8pm
15 minutes of fame? Try 2 hours of crap! This 1970’s vintage 3-D horror extravaganza contains the classic line “To know death, Otto, you have to f**k life... in the gall bladder!” It’s well known that Dave Clarke has patterned... view more
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