Turkey Shoot 2010/2011

Metro Cinema's monthly celebration of aesthetically challenged films. Hosted by Dave Clarke and Jeff Page (with special sarcastic guests).

Turkey Shoot: The Stuff

  • Jun 9 (2011) @ 9pm
The tag line asks, "Are you eating it or is it eating you?" The Stuff is a killer yoghurt from deep in the earth's crust. This troublesome tapioca turns those who digest it into zombie-like creatures who can only be... view more

Turkey Shoot: Quest for Fire

  • May 19 (2011) @ 9pm
Filmed entirely in Alberta, this landmark prehistoric film asks the question, “In a movie full of Neanderthals, how are we supposed to figure out which one is Ron Perlman?" After a fearful attack by their more primitive neighbours, Naoh, Amoukar,... view more

Turkey Shoot: Twilight

  • Apr 14 (2011) @ 9pm
If we must watch another movie about an ancient creature in love with a teenage girl (remember Blame it on Rio?), at least we get a vampire movie. Although, frankly, we'd rather see Klaus Kinski as the romantic lead. In... view more

Turkey Shoot: Red Dawn

  • Mar 31 (2011) @ 9:15pm
Cold War alert! The filthy commies have invaded Calumet, Colorado (a dubious target, strategically). America’s heartland seems lost. But wait, a group of plucky ‘80’s teens, led by Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen, band together to fight the Red Army.... view more

Turkey Shoot: Pieces

  • Feb 17 (2011) @ 9pm
Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Turkey Shoot hosts its first slasher film! And talk about a film worth slashing. This classic stars Christopher and Lynda Day George in a bewildering tale of collegiate life, matricide, serial killing, and terrible... view more

Turkey Shoot: Xanadu

  • Jan 13 (2011) @ 9pm
Distinguished film actress Olivia Newton-John (Grease, Two of a Kind) stars as a Greek muse who helps mankind rekindle its love for ROLLER DISCO! In a dream that comes through a million years, join us as we lace up, feather... view more

Turkey Shoot: Showgirls

  • Dec 9 (2010) @ 9pm
What a typical American showbiz story: Girl moves to Vegas to follow her dream. Paul Verhoeven and Joe Eszterhas set their (questionably) ironic sights on her, and next thing you know, Kyle MacLachlin has his hand in her pants. Come... view more

Turkey Shoot: The Hand

  • Nov 18 (2010) @ 9pm
A horror film about a murderous, renegade severed hand! From the not so subtle camera of Oliver Stone, this movie stars that illustrious charter member of the Michael Caine Turkey Shoot Hall of Fame – Sir Michael Caine! Will he... view more

Turkey Shoot: The Warriors

  • Oct 21 (2010) @ 9:15pm
Turkey Shooters, come out to play-ay-ay! What could be more dangerous than being on the run with Swan, Ajax, Snow, and Cochise as they fight their way back to Coney Island? This movie caused gang fights in suburban America? These... view more

Turkey Shoot: Cocktail

  • Sep 16 (2010) @ 9pm
Following his performances as the best fighter pilot (Top Gun) and the best pool player (The Color of Money), Tom Cruise stretches himself here as the best bartender. Join us as we test the Tom Cruise Character Theory: He begins... view more
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