Deadmonton Horror Film Festival

There's a dark cloud creeping over Edmonton, and it's Western Canada's only true Horror Film Festival. The Deadmonton Horror Film Festival is a three-day gore-a-thon of crowd-pleasing cult classics, new independent horror flicks and new local genre shorts from this city’s most depraved filmmakers! Deadmonton also features twisted art, live (well, living dead) music and the strangest sideshow entertainment this side of Barnum! Formerly the Return to Odd festival, the Deadmonton Horror Film Festival is for fans by fans. Brought to you by Matt Acosta, Derek Clayton and Kevin Martin (festival organizers). (Sorry, regular Metro passes don’t apply).

Tickets are sold on a per-day basis, which lets you see everything that day. Friday: $20, Saturday: $25, Sunday: $20. A full weekend pass is $50. Tickets available at Megatunes, Metro Cinema, Mars & Venus, The Lobby Video.

NOTE: As of today, all tickets for Saturday night are sold out. Friday & Sunday night tickets are still available.

NOTE: both Tokyo Gore Police and Wicked Lake have received R ratings from Alberta Film Classification. This means that no one under 18 can attend, and we will be checking ID for those two films. If this means that you want to return your ticket, you will be given a refund.

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  • Oct 26 (2008) @ 7:55pm
Finally, a movie with balls. Join the terrifying Tall Man, his zombie dwarves, and his flying brain-blending spheres of doom for this trippy 1979 cult classic, presented on 35mm for the first time since it’s release! When a serious of weird... view more

The Strange World of David B Taylor

  • Oct 26 (2008) @ 7:30pm
Enter the warped and messed up mind of David B. Taylor as he forces three craptastic strange and creepy stories down your throat. David B. Taylor might just be the next Ed Wood Jr. Q&A w/ David B Taylor.

Midnight Movie

  • Oct 26 (2008) @ 5:50pm
A midnight showing of an early 1970's horror movie turns to chaos when the Killer from the movie comes out of the film to attack those in the theater.

Mr Exterminator

  • Oct 26 (2008) @ 5:10pm
Savage aliens have crash landed on planet earth and it isn’t long before the carnage begins! Jam packed with explosions, guns and boobs, Mr. Exterminator is a high octane thrill ride. Q&A with David Preston.

A Clown on the Rocks

  • Oct 26 (2008) @ 5pm
Peter, a young boy, meets a drooling clown in the woods and decides to keep him as a pet. However, his older sister Julia, hates clowns and wants Peter to get rid of it permanently. Originally made for FAVA's 48... view more

Wicked Lake

  • Oct 26 (2008) @ 3pm
If Dario Argento’s Suspiria, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Faster Pussycat Kill Kill had a hot, sweaty and nasty three-way on the sticky floors of a 42nd street grindhouse, the results would be Wicked Lake. Lesbian witches, hillbilly serial killers, and... view more

Full Moon Hardtop

  • Oct 26 (2008) @ 2:30pm
A thief gets more then he bargained for when the car he steals seeks vengeance for the owners he killed. Full Moon Hardtop is a story about car thieves, friends and a pissed off killer Camaro. Q&A with the directors.

My Name Is Bruce

  • Oct 25 (2008) @ 11:25pm
B-movie legend Bruce Campbell is mistaken for his character Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy and forced to fight a real monster in a small town in Oregon. Gold Lick, Oregon, has been cursed by the vengeful monster Guan-di, the... view more

Black Santa's Revenge

  • Oct 25 (2008) @ 10:55pm
Black Santa's Revenge is a two-fisted tale of yuletide vengeance reminiscent of the classic blaxploitation and revenge films of the 1970s and 80s - think William Lustig’s Vigilante meets Ivan Dixon’s Trouble Man. Adapted from the short comic book story... view more


  • Oct 25 (2008) @ 10:40pm
From the director of the award-winning Hobo With a Shotgun! They are brutally hacked down, torn from their homes, strung up and screwed into an upright position for all to see, and exposed in a humiliation of garish decorations. Are... view more

Hobo With a Shotgun

  • Oct 25 (2008) @ 10:35pm
"On the streets there is only one law, and he is going to deliver justice one shell at a time." A short video created by Dartmouth, Nova Scotia filmmakers Jason Eisener, Rob Cotterill, and John Davies for Robert Rodriguez's SXSW... view more

Tokyo Gore Police

  • Oct 25 (2008) @ 8pm
In a future where criminals can "enhance" their bodies Cronenberg-style, it's up to the Tokyo Police - led by the beautiful but deadly Rika - to kick some mutant ass. The bisected bodies, severed limbs, exploding heads and fountains and... view more

Cold Hard Cash

  • Oct 25 (2008) @ 7:35pm
Deane is a bully. Tanya's a slut. They both owe Duvelle a lot of money. The only way out is to work together and steal a briefcase loaded with cash. Watch what happens when two beautiful bad girls are put... view more


  • Oct 25 (2008) @ 7:15pm
Do you ever wonder what a person thinks about before committing suicide? Then enter the dark mind of Joel Abrahamson & Brooke Leifso's Suicidium. A film noir with dialog that cuts into your wrists. Q&A with directors.

Three Films by Rodrigo Gudiño

  • Oct 25 (2008) @ 6:25pm
Rodrigo Gudiño is publisher of the world's most influential horror magazine, Rue Morgue, which covers horror in entertainment and culture, with a focus on horror films. We present a trio of his own films: The Facts in the Case of... view more

Love Hate Tragedy

  • Oct 25 (2008) @ 5:45pm
“A dark, morbid retelling of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”. Sarah Apathy is young, rich, beautiful and completely psychotic. Jesse is a poor manic-depressive mess, on the verge of suicide. They couldn’t be more wrong for each other and Sarah’s... view more

Night of the Creeps

  • Oct 24 (2008) @ 10:10pm
“Good news is, your dates are here. Bad news is, they’re dead.”

Darkness Within

  • Oct 24 (2008) @ 9:45pm
The entire city has been overrun by a strange outbreak. The survivors are surrounded by horde of undead and are forced to fight through the nightmare that is Darkness Within. Q&A with Ian Anderson & Dave Preston.

Bubba's Chili Parlor

  • Oct 24 (2008) @ 7:50pm
It's a typical Texas diner, just like any other. But unbeknownst to Bubba, owner and head cook, the chili he's about to serve is infected with a mutated strain of Mad Cow Disease that turns his customers into zombies! Soon,... view more


  • Oct 24 (2008) @ 7pm
Human research subjects discover that the unknown substance injected into them turns them into the ideal of a totalitarian ruled medical institute. Q&A w/ Michael Olson.
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