Shorts Programme
Canada’s Top Ten Film Festival
Canada 2013, 161 min, Digital, Dir: Various
  • Sunday February 23, 2014 at 7:00PM

From kung fu-infused middle-school dances and bitter bachelorette parties to eye-opening documentaries, this alternately hilarious and moving programme of shorts is tied together with incredible art direction, masterful mise-en-scène, and imaginative storytelling.

Filmmakers include: Chris Landreth, Claire Blanchet, Fraser Munden, Neil Rathbone, Johnny Ma, Kevan Funk, Stéphane Moukarzel, Walter Woodman,Patrick Cederberg, Nicolas Lévesque, Monia Chokri.

Rating: 18A (18A)

The Chaperone 3D

Director: Fraser Munden, Neil Rathbone
Canada 2013, 11 min, Digital

One memorable night in the 1970s, a motorcycle gang crashed a Montreal middle-school dance. In this 3D animated documentary, a retired schoolteacher and a DJ recall their heroic exploits that fateful evening. Combining rotoscope technology, puppets, miniature stop-motion, and live-action... view more

The End of Pinky

Director: Claire Blanchet
Canada 2013, 8 min, Digital

Adapting Heather O'Neill's noir fiction, Claire Blanchet brings vividly scripted characters to life in this stereoscopic animation set in Montreal's seedy Lower Main. O'Neill narrates her own story, which follows amoral Johnny to a shadowy strip club, to settle a... view more

An Extraordinary Person

Director: Monia Chokri
Canada 2013, 29 min, Digital

Hungover, Sarah is forced to go to a bachelorette party. After years of repressed judgments and forced civility, it takes just one outed secret to thoroughly transform the festivities into an all-encompassing showdown where no crude word is held back.... view more

A Grand Canal

Director: Johnny Ma
Canada /China 2013, 19 min, Digital

A shipping boat captain on Gaoyou's canals makes sacrifices to save his fleet and protect his family. His sole escape from drudgery is melodramatic 1990s Chinese pop music. Director Johnny Ma pushes formal conventions with masterful cinematography and set design... view more

In guns we trust

Director: Nicolas Lévesque
Canada 2013, 12 min, Digital

In 1982, legislation was passed requiring every household in Kennesaw, Georgia to own a gun and ammunition. Nicolas Lévesque takes the viewer on a stunning cinematographic exploration of this town where the right to bear arms trumps every argument.


Director: Walter Woodman, Patrick Cederberg
Canada 2013, 17 min, Digital

Playing out entirely on a teenager's computer screen, Noah follows its protagonist as his relationship takes a rapid turn for the worse in this fascinating study of behavior — and romance — in the digital age. The film examines our... view more

Nous avions

Director: Stéphane Moukarzel
Canada 2013, 18 min, Digital

Every Sunday, a Pakistani family watches planes land at the Montreal airport. This week, the famous Concorde is scheduled to make an appearance. For seventeen-year-old Akram it's time to take flight: he dreams of taking the Concorde to Paris. Propelled... view more

Paradise Falls

Director: Fantavious Fritz
Canada 2013, 17 min, Digital

Adolescent friends Sonny and Dirk occupy a mansion abandoned by a suburban developer. Their new home is increasingly removed from reality and transforms the boys' lives as they while away their days. Wes Anderson meets the Brothers Grimm in Fantavious... view more

Subconscious Password

Director: Chris Landreth
Canada 2013, 11 min, Digital

Academy Award-winning director Chris Landreth journeys into the recesses of the brain, following his protagonist's desperate attempt to recall a forgotten name at a party. Like a surrealist version of the classic television game show Password, Landreth's spellbinding 3D animation... view more


Director: Kevan Funk
Canada 2013, 19 min, Digital

Lonely days in his pickup truck and sleepless nights in unfamiliar beds have taken their toll on a middle-aged site-safety inspector. Willfully denying the decline of both his body and personal life, he moves among Highway 16's expansive industrial complexes.... view more

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