A Dry White Season
African History Month
USA 1989, 97 min, Digital, Dir: Euzhan Palcy
  • Saturday February 7, 2015 at 7:00PM

African History Month Launch

To launch our month-long cinematic celebration of global African histories, Metro Cinema has invited Minister Faust, distinguished member of Edmonton’s Kenyan-Canadian community to guest curate and host the opening screening. Minister Faust is an award-winning novelist and broadcaster. He’s best know for his novels The Coyote Kings and The Alchemists of Kush, both of which take place in Edmonton and feature Sudanese-, Somali-, Ethiopian-, Trinidadian-, and other African-Canadian characters and cultures. He’s currently the Writer in Residence for the University of Alberta’s Department of English and Film Studies.Listen to his podcast at mfgalaxy.org. Find his books, videos, and more at ministerfaust.com

A Dry White Season

Starring Donald Sutherland, Zakes Mokae, Marlon Brando, and Susan Sarandon, A Dry White Season is a searing portrayal of the final days of settler dictatorship in South Africa before neoapartheid. Ben du Toit (Sutherland) is a clueless Boer swept into activism when the regime kills his groundskeeper’s son. Stanley (Zakes Mokae) is his world-weary, cunning political mentor on the path to the film’s lethal climax.

Screens with: Pumzi

South Africa/Kenya 2009, 21 min, Digital, Dir: Wanuri Kahiu

Kenyan writer-director Kahiu delivers an unforgettable science fiction short film about a techno-futuristic Kenya where water is priceless and one woman risks her life for liberty. High production values mark Pumzi as emblematic of the new Kenya, dubbed the “Silicon Savannah.”

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