Hi-Def Hitchcock - Crime Watch
USA 1960, 109 min, HD, Dir: Alfred Hitchcock
  • Tuesday March 17, 2015 at 7:00PM

After stealing $40 000 from her employer in Phoenix to free her lover from the pangs of alimony, Marion Crane heads west to meet him in California. But when the elements and exhaustion get the better of her, she takes refuge at the Bates Motel. Thus begins her brief but fateful association with its proprietor, Norman Bates, who quickly takes centre stage in Hitchock’s adaptation of Robert Bloch’s novel. What seemingly begins as a taut crime flick about a blond on the lam veers into the shadowy territory of a twisted murderer plagued by macabre fantasies, and becomes a surreal portrait of psychosis that draws the audience into the claustrophobic, off-kilter world of a sick mind. Part thriller, part horror story, Psycho shocked audiences when it was first released, by challenging narrative conventions and undermining moral and aesthetic rules, while the twist ending still makes the uninitiated jump. The film marked Hitchcock’s return to black and white and smaller-scale noir sensibilities after finishing a series of big Technicolor studio projects. It also illustrates the kind of creative exchanges in which Hitchcock engaged with other filmmakers and pop culture icons, like a contemporary master of B-movie chills, William Castle.

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