Frameworks: Eric Spoeth & Buster Keaton
Canada 2006,
  • Thursday June 1, 2006 at 7:00PM

A series where we invite a local film/video artist to screen their short work with a feature film of their choice. This weekend we feature a pair of short works by Eric Spoeth, with a feature by Buster Keaton.

The Street Sweeper

Director: Eric Spoeth
Canada 2005, 6 min, 35mm

Eric Spoeth is directing a series of silent comedies starring international mime artist Don Virgoe as Mr. Viggs. In The Street Sweeper, Mr. Viggs is a traveling entertainer, wandering from town to town in search of work. When a deceitful... view more

The Manikin

Director: Eric Spoeth
Canada 2006, 11 min, Beta SP

Mr. Viggs is given the task of assembling a store window mannequin. When nothing he tries seems to work, he takes the dummy's place rather than suffer the wrath of his impatient boss. After falling in love with a passing... view more

Seven Chances

Director: Buster Keaton
USA 1925, 58 min, 35mm

One morning, a bankrupt stockbroker (Buster Keaton) learns that he'll inherit millions from a rich uncle on his 27th birthday. The catch? Today is his birthday, and he has to be married by 7pm to get a dime. When his... view more

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