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8 1/2

In 8 ½, Fellini compellingly manifests the unwinding failure of a film paradoxically left incomplete. The semi-autobiographical director protagonist flounders amidst the turmoil of public expectation, religious ideology, marital strife, and personal insecurity. Effortlessly flowing between the macro contemplations of Italian life and the inescapable subjectivity of Fellini’s own (semi-)consciousness, the film, in its portrayal of a failed film, manages to be one of the finest of the medium.

Last month in Lucy’s staff profile she laid claim to some popcorn-pouring prowess. I feel it must be made clear that, in fact, William is the fastest ‘corn slinger in the game. In between the hustle and bustle of Front of House life the great, but little talked about, bi-annual Metro Speed Scooping tournament is the locus of month’s worth of practice and conditioning where, recently, and to no one’s surprise, William came out on top.
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Italy/France 1963, 138 min, Dir: Federico Fellini
Italian, French, English, & German with subtitles
55th Anniversary
Staff: William Latham


November 26, 2018
6:45 pm