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Boys Beware…Cat Fight

The first part of our program will feature two short films from director Sid Davis, who terrified a generation of parents and sent gay rights and social reform back to the stone age in the process. Partially funded by Los Angeles school districts and must be seen to be believed, Boys Beware and Seduction of the Innocent were designed to warn school children on the dangers of homosexuality and drug abuse.

Cat Fight is a look at various representations of violence between women: from highly romanticized nude wrestling and cat-fight stags with Bettie Page to the thrilling and savage world of extreme women’s wrestling. Unraveling the mystery & beauty of female brutality, curator Maggie Hardy has spliced the best of the genre into a whirlwind of pulled hair and clawed faces!

90 min, Dir: Various


June 16, 2018
11:59 pm
Tickets $6