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Dreamspeakers Shorts 2019 program 10

Broken Jaw
This story is based on an elder’s recollection of a story passed down about Jacob Johnstone (Broken Jaw), who was shot in the face he was fifteen years old. He became chief by Mistawasis, was a medicine man and an elder.
Dir: Kassidy Greyeyes

The Epic Journey
This film is based on a elders story of a journey that a group of Ojibowe took to move away from the Europeans that were coming into the new world in the 1800’s
Dir: Marvin Jimmy Jr, Mariah Pechawis, Patric Harrison & Channelle Smallchild

Treaty day on the rez
This film is based on a elder’s memory of going to pick up Treaty money and Tuberculosis.
Dir: Theresa Sanderson

Dead Bolt
A young woman pays a terrible price for leaving her door unlocked when a stranger takes over her apartment and locks her out.
Dir: Jon Berg

Metro Passes: Only Silver Screen passes accepted.

Canada, 24 min.


May 1, 2019
4:30 pm