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Dreamspeakers Shorts 2019 program 2

Giant Bear
We follow an Inuit hunter in the depths of starvation. The snow is thick, his dogs are mysteriously dying and food is nowhere to be found. A quest for answers leads him straight to a nanurluk, an iceberg-sized polar bear, setting up a “kill or be killed” battle that pits one man’s wits against a fearsome foe.
Dir: Daniel Gies & Neil Christopher

Hant Quij Cöipaxi Hac (The Creation of The World)
A Seri creation myth is adapted by Seri indigenous children and elders.
Dir: Antonio Coello

BA’O (The Cannibal Giant)
A young girl sits with her grandmother around the campfire where she learns cultural stories.
Dir: Nick Dangeli

Akornatsinniitut – Tarratta Nunaanni (Among Us – In the Shadows)
A suspense-filled sci-fi adventure for all ages, draws on Greenlandic culture, myth, folklore and legends, with a healthy dose of humour.
Dir: Marc Fussing Rosback

Metro Passes: Only Silver Screen passes accepted.

Canada/Mexico/Greenland, 122 min


April 27, 2019
4:00 pm