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Killing, Kilink, Kiling, Sadistik, Satanik! Known by many names, the man in the skull mask is the ultimate anti-hero. Dominator of men and women alike, even other criminals are fair game. Born of a series of ultraviolent Italian photo-novels in the 1960s Killing was also the star of a string of Turkish cult films (where he was called Kilink). Pitted against a string of forgettable “heroes” he is always one step ahead of his enemies. There will be a short talk discussing the history of the character and then we will be screening a custom edited rework of two Kilink films: Kilink vs the Flying Man and Kilink in Istanbul.

Turkey 1967, 90 min, Dir: Yilmaz Atadeniz
English subtitles


March 16, 2019
11:59 pm
Tickets $6