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Antonioni’s stunning film chronicles the sense of bored malaise among a group of affluent Italians. When one of their members disappears during a boating excursion, what starts as a missing person search turns into a larger quest for meaning and love in a climate of modern alienation and boredom. Meticulously crafted, the film manages to portray the contradictory emotions felt by the characters, not through direct dialogue or plot, but through its lyrical and melancholic images

Sarah and Luka are students at the U of A studying English/Film Studies and Mechanical Engineering respectively. They had a great time working as interns at Metro over the summer spending their time helping with facility maintenance or cataloging the vast poster collection and watching films.

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Italy/France 1960, min, Dir: Michelangelo Antonioni
Italian, English, & Greek with subtitles
Staff: Sarah Nocente & Luka Morita


February 11, 2019
6:30 pm