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Midnite Til Dawn: Post-Apocalypse!

In the season finale for Night Gallery we will be taking over the big screen for a Midnite til Dawn triple feature with a post-apocalyptic theme ! We will begin our journey into the wasteland with the rarely seen 1975 classic A Boy and his Dog, featuring Miami Vice’s Don Johnston in his first big screen role. Next up is the chilling 1964’s Last Man on Earth, starring Vincent Price as the last human fighting a war against the vampire hoards. The third film will be announced on our website soon (I need to get this to press before deadline!!) but it will be something awesome!

Put on your comfy clothes and bring a pillow and blanket if you like, pile in the station wagon and come on down for the show, just like the old days. The bar will be open extra late, we will have pizza available after the first feature, and coffee and donuts after the second film. We will take a break between each film if you need to stretch your legs or whatever, and will be playing vintage trailers and other assorted weirdness to fill in the gaps between shows. Tickets are only $13!




August 11, 2018
11:59 pm