Staff and Board


Executive Director: David Cheoros
Operations Manager: Dan Smith
Programming Manager: Pete Harris
Communications Manager: Katie Sowden
Facility Manager: Allan Mulholland
Financial Officer: Bill Samoil
Booth Manager: Brad Sime
Communications Specialist: Talicia Dutchin
Programming Assistant: Ryn Climenhaga
Operations Assistant: Shania Taylor
Projectionists: Owen Armstrong, Nick Johnson, Nic Keating, Brad Sime
Front of House Managers: Tola Adeshina, Ryn Climenhaga, Talicia Dutchin, Nic Keating, Shania Taylor, Robyn-Lynn Sagan
Front of House Reps: Lucy Ford, Brianna Gormley, Kalan Kucera, William Latham, Tim Rechner, Caitlin Richardson


President: Dan Nielsen
Vice President: Heather Noel
Treasurer: Graeme Southwood
Secretary: Alex Dimitroff
Directors: JD Crookshanks, Steve Grubich, Sandy Hoye, Jules Lee, Brad Stromberg, Hitomi Suzuta