Auction Designer Portfolios

The winner of the auction for the grand prize custom movie poster will be able to select from the following Metro Cinema Volunteers. Some designers are multidisciplinary artists and in those cases, the winner will be able to work with the designer to determine which of the designer’s styles they are interested in having the poster created in.


Borys Tarasenko

Borys Tarasenko is a multidisciplinary artist based in Edmonton, Alberta. A BFA Art & Design graduate from the University of Alberta with a focus in Painting, Borys likes creating artwork and graphics for musicians, theatre artists, and non-profit organizations. He also creates public art.



Cameron Demetrick

As a graphic designer and film lover, creating movie posters is a passion of Cameron’s. Designing posters for Metro Cinema lets him contribute to the City’s film community, as well as the design community. Outside of movies and design, Cameron loves exploring Edmonton, as well as playing Sports with the Edmonton Sport and Social Club.

Instagram: @cdemetrick


Demmi Dupri

Demmi Dupri is a stop-motion film artist and illustrator who uses an eclectic range of mediums and materials to create vivid, colourful, surreal worlds. Demmi uses repurposed and unconventional materials to show that ordinary objects can have magical lives too. She has a uniquely personal and hands-on approach to her creative process and uses her background in puppetry and improvisation to bring dreams to life.

Instagram: @demmidupri
YouTube: Demmi Dupri


Jordan Carson

An Edmonton-based illustrator, designer, and web strategist, JC loves digging into a new project, especially if it means creating new alternative movie posters for Metro Cinema. When he isn’t at the day job or parenting, he’s likely making something cool. 😀

Instagram: @_escape_artist


Nick Ross

Nick started as a volunteer poster artist almost 4 years ago with Metro Cinema and since then has started his own online shop for prints and illustrations. Bringing his love of movies and art together to create pieces that represent the films he loves.

Twitter: @NickBossRoss
Instagram: @NickBossRossArt


Nisha Datar

Nisha is a student studying Philosophy and Psychology, and uses art as a creative outlet. She loves science fiction in any form, but especially how it manifests in film: there isn’t anything quite so human as exploring philosophical concepts through unknown civilizations and peculiar species, simply to better understand ourselves.