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Metro Cinema Presents… Close-Up – Episode 14 – February 2020

A monthly roundup of films and events coming soon to the historic Metro Cinema in Edmonton, Alberta. As well as an overall look at the calendar for February with some of our regular contributors – Owen Armstrong, Talicia Dutchin, Shama Rangwala, & William Latham – this episode also features an interview with Professor of History and Classics, and curator of Metro’s Bring On The Extra-Terrestrials series, Robert Smith, PhD.

Throughout the episode, you’ll also hear music from local artists Mark Templeton, Pigeon Breeders, Boosh and Soft Ions, as well as excerpts from Leonard J. Paul’s excellent procedural film score to Beep – A Documentary History Of Game Sound. Follow the links below to hear more, and enjoy!

Support our winter fundraising campaign!

As another year comes to a close, we’re excited to screen some of our favourite holiday movies. Our schedule is packed with classics like White Christmas, contemporary hits like Elf, and controversial picks like Die Hard (definitely a Christmas movie!).

It’s getting harder and harder for a small independent to keep up, though – we were unable to screen Home Alone this year, and we grappled with a global corn shortage. It’s possible for us to screen nearly 400 films a year because we’re a charity; much of our financial support comes from public funders, but we also rely on the support of individuals like you.

Thinking forward, we established our endowment fund with the Edmonton Community Foundation last year. We’ve made an additional contribution of $4,785, and we’re hoping to surpass that with a $10,000 goal for our 2019/2020 campaign. You can earmark donations to our endowment fund by clicking here.

With your support, we’re working hard to ensure we’re around when it’s time to call Elf a classic, too.