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After Blue (Dirty Paradise)

This erotic sci-fi acid western from cult iconoclast Bertand Mandico (The Wild Boys) plays like a lesbian El Topo (in space!) with stunning 35mm in-camera practical effects, otherworldly set pieces, and a dazzling score by Pierre Desprats.


In a far-flung future, humanity has left Earth for After Blue, a strange planet whose peculiar effects on hair make the realm solely hospitable to women. When Roxy (Paula Luna), the lonely teenage daughter of the colony’s hairdresser Zora (Elina Löwensohn), impulsively unearths a notorious criminal who promises to grant her three wishes, the ensuing violence exiles mother and kin from the settlement, so they may track down and bring this legendary killer to justice. Armed with Gucci rifles and Paul Smith pistols, the duo ventures into a hostile alien landscape rife with toxic gases, slime-encrusted crystalline entities, and promiscuous fashionistas. From there, things get pretty weird. (TIFFWatch Trailer


France 2021, 130 min, Dir: Bertrand Mandico
French with subtitles


June 17, 2022
9:30 pm