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Chubby Cree: PiMahCiHoWin (The Journey)

Canada 2023, 45 min, Dir: Jules Arita Koostachin


Chubby Cree is an Indigenous singing and hand drum group, based in Edmonton, that has taken the internet and live audiences by storm. Chubby Cree: PiMahCiHoWin (The Journey) is the inspiring story of Chubby Cree’s Noah Green, a young Indigenous boy who carries medicine in his voice. Performing with his Kokoom (grandmother), Carol Powder, Noah’s powerful singing voice brings people together for healing and happiness. In this film we journey alongside him as he walks his path of discovery, ceremony, and responsibility, while sharing his remarkable gift with audiences.


Featuring a live music performance by Chubby Cree before the screening, and a Q&A with Director Jules Arita Koostachin and producer Nick Orchard following the film!


All proceeds will be going to Prince Charles School.



October 13, 2023
7:00 pm