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Coronation St.: The Full English with Roy & Brian

Celebrating Corrie’s 60th anniversary, The Full English stars David Neilson, who plays Roy Cropper, and Peter Gunn, who plays Brian Packham, from the award-winning Coronation St. With over 30 years combined on Corrie as Roy and Brian, they’ve been at the epicentre of many exciting and dramatic storylines. Roy anchors the café and acts as the moral compass for the street, which is most trying at the best of times. Brian, however, seems in a constant mid-life crisis and adds a significant dose of comic relief to the famous street.

Hosted by Karl Wells, fans will get the scoop from these veteran cast members as they offer an insiders look into their characters, and their Corrie stories and secrets. If you like Corrie, you will LOVE this.

VIP Meet & Greet tickets, with priority seating, available. Limited quantities.

Live Event


April 25, 2020
1:30 pm