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Down by Law

USA 1986, 107 min, Dir: Jim Jarmusch
Board Pics: Lindsey


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What do an out of work disc jockey, a pimp, and an Italian have in common? A single jail cell in New Orleans. When Zack (Tom Waits) and Jack (John Lurie) are both arrested and jailed for a crime they did not commit, they are placed in a jail cell with Roberto; a cheerful Italian man convicted of manslaughter. Despite their differences, they must learn to work together if they want to escape their predicament.


Why Lindsey chose this film:
Nothing delights me more than when the screenplay of a film surprises me- when we see those moments when the action breaks and characters reveal themselves in those tiny moments of truth that are often left out of stories. This film is made of those moments. Add in Tom Waits’ charismatic performance, Jim Jarmusch’s confidently restrained direction, and Robby Müller’s elegiac cinematography, and this is one of my all-time favourite films.”





April 30, 2023
9:15 pm