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Elephant Mother

UK 2022, 84 min, Dir: Jez Lewis, Jocelyn Cammack
Presented by LEAP


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Lek Chailert, a tribal Thai woman who is known as the Asian Elephant Whisperer, rescues elephants from abuse in the Thai tourist industry whilst threatened by a powerful so-called Elephant Mafia. But as COVID strikes, Lek cleverly sees a chance to out-manoeuvre her adversaries.


6PM – Informal Meet & Greet in the Lobby with Lek Chailert
7PM – Film screening
8:30PM – Q&A following the screening


LEAP is a grass roots group of citizens and elephant advocates who actively campaign to help Lucy, the 48-year old Asian elephant who has been captive in inappropriate conditions for over 46 years at the Edmonton Valley Zoo. LEAP was formed in January 2015 and has grown to nearly 8000 members, and is a registered non-profit organization in Alberta. LEAP has embarked on a public awareness campaign to educate local politicians and citizens of Edmonton about the issues surrounding Lucy’s captivity and the needs of an elephant. During this time, worldwide support for Lucy and LEAP has grown exponentially. Trends globally are showing that reputable zoos are moving their older ailing elephants to sanctuaries. Sadly this has not happened for Lucy…yet.


Lek Chailert has been aware of Lucy’s plight and has reached out to offer her support in many ways over the years. LEAP had always hoped she would come to Edmonton and share her expertise on relocating ailing elephants like Lucy. There is no one better equipped to speak about this and LEAP are thrilled and honoured to have her finally here.



October 17, 2023
7:00 pm