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Healing Nation – Dreamspeakers

Healing Nation is an intimate look at the intergenerational impact of children being separated from their parents because they are Indigenous. Throughout colonial history, Canada has maintained policies that enable the forced removal of Indigenous children from their homes and communities. The stories collected in this film are raw and uniquely unfiltered, giving the audience a chance to see what it’s really like to deal with the forced separation of family members.


The film features the story of mother, Symbia Barnaby, who had her six children apprehended by the Ministry of Child and Family Services. In order to understand the complexity of how she got there, we also hear from her mother, a Sixties Scoop survivor, and her sister, a survivor of domestic violence. The film also features the stories of Elders, Joyce and Joseph Fosella, who run the organization Warriors Against Violence. They speak to the legacy of residential school and their own lived experience of healing from domestic violence. And lastly, a traditional carver named Henry Kelly shares stories of being raised by survivors of residential school and the legacy he wishes to leave for his son.


Canada 2022, 96 min, Dir: Jamuna Galay-Tamang






May 29, 2022
4:00 pm