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Italy/France 2022, 99 min, Dir: Emanuele Crialese
Italian with subtitles


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Rome, 1970s: a world suspended between neighborhoods under construction and those still in black and white, and social achievements and family models that are now outdated. Clara and Felice have just moved into a new apartment. Their marriage is over: they no longer love each other but can’t break up. Only their children, on whom Clara pours all her desire for freedom, keep them together. Adriana, her eldest, has just turned 12 and is the most attentive witness to Clara’s moods and the growing tensions between her parents. Adriana rejects her name and identity and wants to convince everyone that she is a boy. This obstinacy brings the already fragile family balance to breaking point.



June 19, 2023
7:00 pm
June 24, 2023
9:30 pm