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Metro Halloween Mash

Are you ready for terror? The 7th Annual Halloween Metro Mash is back and scarier than ever! This double feature includes a retro pre-show and intermission filled with trailers, cartoons, and more! All at one great ticket price! Curated & compiled by Maggie Hardy & Allan Mulholland.


The first film, Theatre of Blood, is an exercise in blood-curdling horror and dark laughter. A hack Shakespearean actor (Vincent Price) is humiliated by the critic’s guild so he and his daughter (Diana Rigg) deliver gory vengeance from beyond the grave.

UK 1973, 104 min, Dir: Douglas Hickox


Next we travel back to the very first Metro Mash and hop aboard the Horror Express. An archaeologist (Christopher Lee) is transporting his latest and greatest find, a possible missing link preserved in a block of ice but people on the train start dying and the authorities (Telly Savalas) have to step in to try and stop the runaway carnage.

UK/Spain 1972, 91 min, Dir: Eugenio Martín (as Gene Martin) 


October 31, 2020
7:00 pm