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Reconnection – Dreamspeakers

Meat (15 min, Dir: Asher Rosen) When an indigenous woman is evicted from her home, she must do anything she can to feed her young son.


I am the Warrior (8 min, Dir: Tara Audibert) A Residential School Story about a mother and daughter that have a poor relationship. The daughter wants to right the wrongs that residential schools have committed to make her mother the way she is. The daughter becomes ‘the Warrior’ in her thoughts in order to save the young version of her mother, only to find that her mother is the true Warrior for surviving the residential school.


The O Show (20 min, Dir: Sharad Khare) This documentary provides an intimate look into the life of an Afro-Indigenous, Two-Spirited leader and DJ as she works in Vancouver, BC and beyond. From her activism with the Black Lives Matter marches, her engagement within the LGBTQ+ community, to her leadership with the Squamish Nation Chief and Council as an elected member, Orene Askew embodies a unique perspective from the many communities she represents. As DJ O Show, she uses her musical talents to give voice to important issues facing our society while simultaneously inspiring the next generation to live their truth.


Circle of Eagles (54 min, Dir: Merv Thomas) Indigenous Brothers, Elders and Parole Officers share powerful stories of hope and healing from the legacy of Canadian residential schools, foster care, and systemic racism. The film centers around a unique halfway home that imparts Indigenous culture and ceremony to recover from trauma on the road from prison to community.


May 27, 2022
3:30 pm