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Relationships – Dreamspeakers

Hop Along Hang On (4 min, Dir: Cobra Collins) How do you take back a story you didn’t know was yours? How do you move forward while embracing and understanding your past? Follow Rose the rabbit as she seeks her way back home. A poetic story of reclamation, recovery and reconciliation by spoken word artist Cobra Collins. Hop Along Hang On blends the genres of spoken word poetry, music and animation to explore and acknowledge the deeper history and long-term effects of the removal of culture within Indigenous peoples of Canada.


Strong Hearts: An Indigenous Love Letter To My Sons (11 min, Dir: Gary “Litefoot” Davis)  Strong Hearts is a short film that overflows with a father’s wisdom and indigenous world view, poetically expressed as a love letter to his three sons. Through its raw and vulnerable narration, a message of strength, beauty and power is conveyed to the young men, imploring them to live a life of purpose. Shot on location at actual sites of decisive Indigenous victories over the U.S. military, historical happenings become teaching moments and majestic natural landscapes provide an epic visual backdrop for delivering a message meant to give the boys the impetus to reclaim their Native American narrative.


Ma’s House (8 min, Dir: Jeremy Dennis) Ma’s House was once the heart of a community. As Ma’s grandson, artist and photographer Jeremy Dennis is on a quest to restore the family home to its central role as a community gathering place for a new generation of diverse artists. Through personal mementos, intimate narratives, and a touch of celebrity gossip, Dennis and his family reveal generations of history and hope contained within the walls of their home.


Diiyeghan naii Taii Tr’eedaa (We Will Walk the Trail of our Ancestors) (6 min, Dir: Princess Daazhraii Johnson) A grandfather teaches his granddaughter, a young Gwich’in mother named Alisha, how reciprocity is embedded in all aspects of life. The northern lights warm the caribou; the caribou helps feed and sustain the community; the community honors the connections. Each element in nature is purposeful and related. In turn, these connections bring new meaning to Alisha and her wishes for her children and for all living beings.


Seven Ridges (75 min, Dir: Antonio Coello) In a desert by the sea, a culture survives modernity. A grandmother and her granddaughter intertwine in estrangement over memory. The myth sheds controversy; time falls in dreams of sand, old songs and rock music.




May 28, 2022
1:30 pm