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Remix – Dreamspeakers

My First Native American Boyfriend (5 min, Dir: Joey Clift) Johnny is Emily’s first Native American boyfriend, and now that they’ve been dating for a few months, she’s going to take this golden opportunity to apologize for every microaggression she has ever made against Native Americans.


Cinema Red: Full Native Horror (34 min, Dir: Mike J. Marin) The second chapter in the Cinema Red trilogy explores indigenous horror cinema from the perspective of five indigenous filmmakers working in horror and how Native American experiences and traditional stories contribute to the creative method of writing and directing scary Native themed movies.


Black Sea Golden Ladder – The Visual Album (53 min, Dir: Nicole Horan, Xavier Horan, Dahnu Graham, Marara Katipa, Hayden Aull, Thomas Rose, Huhana Ruri-Panapa) A film that takes inspiration from the ten tracks on Black Sea Golden Ladder and creates an exploration of the human experience that spans from childhood to death through the lens of seven Māori directors.


May 28, 2022
7:00 pm