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Virtual Cinema – Shanghai Triad

Zhang’s inventive take on the gangster film is “assured and attention-grabbing” (Variety) and Gong’s central performance, “a portrait of a capricious and indulgent woman who gains depth as we watch her — is one of her finest” (Chicago Tribune).

Hired to be a servant to pampered nightclub singer and mob moll Xiao Jinbao, naive teenager Shuisheng is thrust into the glamorous and deadly demimonde of Shanghai’s crime syndicates. Over the course of seven days, Shuisheng observes mounting tensions as triad boss Tang begins to suspect traitors amongst his ranks and rivals for Xiao Jinbao’s affections.

France/China 1995, 108 min, Dir: Zhang Yimou
Mandarin with subtitles

How to stream this film:

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  • Purchase your virtual ticket (you may need to register an account first). Additional information can be found on the Film Movement website.
  • The film costs $4 USD to stream – you have three days to watch it.
  • Half of your on-demand screening fee will come back to Metro Cinema.
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Stream here via Film Movement Plus.

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September 24, 2020
11:59 pm
Film available starting September 11. Screening run ends at 11:59pm MST on September 24.