Cardboard Carnage

Guest Programming Statement:

“Prior to the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, I had conceived of an idea for a curated event focused around cardboard in film after watching the movie Dave Made a Maze: 1 night, 2 horror movies…Cardboard Carnage. Throughout the pandemic, my artistic process was erratic and experimental, occasionally punctuated by periods of anxious standstill. My ideas for the event changed constantly, and there are still things I likely won’t have enough time to create. I wouldn’t have been able to come to this place in my artistic adventures without the help of other people; my collected, altered, and own works are an amalgamation of the imaginations of both myself and my friends.


Enjoy the carnage.”


Guest Programmer Bio:

Ryn is a multimedia creator who loves the surreal and whimsical; they enjoy using unconventional materials to make even more unconventional creations. Curious and imaginative, Ryn enjoys collaborating with others to create worlds and characters. Currently you can find them on social media under the handle “Rynchillustrations”.