Cinema of Truth

The goal of this series is to engage audiences with a  small slice of cinematic history, a variety of films that illustrate the diverse subjects portrayed in the cinéma vérité genre. Some of these film choices are cult classics beloved by many, and some that are lesser known yet still contain some of the most impactful moments put to screen. Each film has scenes both raw and honest. Sitting with these films reminds viewers of the importance of their own stories, and helps us see the cinematic twists and turns of our own lives.


About the programmer: Deep down Joshua Ramsay is just plain obsessed with cinema! Whether creating no-budget short films with friends or writing amateur movie reviews online, film is a passion Joshua keeps diving deeper into. He has a taste for the niche and the obscure, the most experimental and groundbreaking this medium has to offer. More than anything, film inspires him to push his own creative boundaries by changing how he sees the world. Joshua is excited to pass on the art that moves me, and hopes it can do the same for others!