Dreamspeakers International Film Festival

Dreamspeakers Festival Society is a registered non-profit charity that produces an international film festival that celebrates the latest works by Indigenous peoples’ innovation in film, video, and new media, presenting selections of Indigenous works from around the globe for 30 Years. The works accepted reflect the diversity of the world’s Indigenous nations and illustrate the vitality and excellence of our art and culture.

Reconciliation is…when we know each others’ stories and begin to recognize them in our own.

There is so much more to the story…



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This year, Dreamspeakers has been organized into overarching themes that tie together collections of short and feature length films. By clicking through each theme below you will be able to visit the event pages and read more about all the films in this year’s festival.



May 2, 2022

These films draw us into the narrative of Indigenous women who have gone missing and communities willing to do whatever it takes to bring them home.   Read more


May 2, 2022

Balance, honour, acknowledgement. We must demonstrate our gratitute for all that has been given to maintain it for the next 7 generations.   Read more


May 2, 2022

There is a price to pay and in paying we are redeemed or condemned…or both.   Read more


May 2, 2022

A selection of films celebrating Indigenous stories, identities, and complexities. Each story demonstrates the importance of connection and reconnection to community and triumphs both individual and systemic, over the effects of colonization.   Read more


May 2, 2022

A selection of films celebrating Indigenous athletes and sports from the historical roots of the Creators Game to the power of sport to transform and heal.   Read more


May 2, 2022

All My Relations is not a metaphor. As Indigenous people, we are related to all the living spirits in the universe. We carry the responsibility to maintain good relations with all our kin, past, present, and future.       Read more


May 2, 2022

Indigenous cultures build on the past, they are not stuck in it. These films connect past and future worlds, lifespans, and genre to create artistic expressions of identity grounded in the now.   Read more


May 2, 2022

The capacity to recover quickly from difficulties…at a high price. These films explore recovery from devastating losses and celebrate our unconquered will to thrive.   Read more


May 2, 2022

Revenge is as a spirit with the power to consume everything in its path if you let it.   Read more


May 2, 2022

Perspectives, new ways of seeing, new ways of being, informed by the past, looking to the future.   Read more


May 2, 2022

Our old people tell us that is we pray on the land with tobacco, we will pick the knowledge she has, she has so much love and compassion for us.   Read more


May 2, 2022

There are many paths to travel, even when is seems like there is only one. Navigating two worlds is not easy.   Read more


May 2, 2022

Decolonial love or a second chance at romance, but at what cost. Sometimes love is… messy.       Read more