The Trials of Love

What are we willing to do for the ones we love? How far will we push ourselves and those around us? The Trials of Love film series explores the different forms love can take and the challenges that become all too apparent. A husband indifferent to the happiness he already has. A couple locked in a cycle of infatuation and jealousy. A mother who can’t bring herself to care. Presented in this series are films that eloquently display the hardships that love can present and what it takes to keep it alive.


About the programmer: Durell Smith is an Edmonton-based musician, poet and filmmaker whose work centres on the anxieties of everyday life and finding hidden beauty in places often forgotten. He has curated the Ghost Throats DIY music festival and the Drone & Words poetry performance series. He is currently working on a short film with his partner Lisa Berg, due to be released in 2023.