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Halloween: House on Haunted Hill

Director: William Castle
USA 1959, 75 min, Digital
  • Oct 31 @ 7pm
A reclusive millionaire (Vincent Price) invites 5 people to spend the night in a spooky mansion, promising a $1000 reward to each, but only if they can make it to morning. As the night goes on, however, smug irreverence turns... view more

Halloween: Horror Express

Director: Eugenio Martin
UK/Spain 1972, 90 min, Digital
  • Oct 31 @ 9pm
China, 1906: Professor Alexander Saxton (Christopher Lee) discovers an ancient frozen fossil in the remote Province of Szechuan. Toting the remains with him in a box, he boards a trans- Siberian train from Shanghai, where he meets his acquaintance Dr.... view more

Halloween: Night of the Living Dead

Director: George A. Romero
USA 1968, 96 min, Digital
  • Oct 31 @ 11pm
The zombie film that started them all! While out for an idyllic Sunday drive to visit their Father’s grave, Barbara and Johnny are suddenly attacked by the living dead. They and a few others take shelter in a farmhouse, but... view more

MONGREL: The Secret of Kells

Director: Tomm Moore, Nora Twomey
Ireland 2009, 93 min, Digital
  • Nov 1 @ 2pm
Young Brendan lives in the Abbey of Kells, a remote medieval outpost under threat from Viking hordes. But an exciting new chapter of adventure and danger awaits him when a master illuminator arrives with the legendary Book of Kells, a... view more

Get on Up

Director: Tate Taylor
USA 2014, 139 min, Digital
  • Oct 27, 29 & Nov 2 @ 9:30pm
  • Nov 1 @ 4pm
  • Nov 3 @ 7pm
Chadwick Boseman give an unforgettable performance as James Brown in _Get on Up_. Based on the incredible life story of the Godfather of Soul, the film gives a fearless look inside the music, moves and moods of Brown, taking audiences... view more

Closed Curtain

Director: Jafar Panahi, Kambuzia Partoxi
Iran 2014, 106 min, Digital
  • Nov 1 & 6 @ 7pm
  • Nov 5 @ 9:30pm
Acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi bravely defies his 20-year ban on filmmaking yet again, and stunningly, has created a masterpiece that not only lives up to his earlier, pre-ban work but surpasses it in many ways. In a secluded house... view more

The Congress

Director: Ari Folman
Israel 2013, 120 min, Digital
  • Nov 1 & 6 @ 9:15pm
  • Nov 2 @ 1:30pm
  • Nov 2 @ 5pm
  • Nov 3 & 4 @ 9:30pm
  • Nov 5 @ 7pm
Robin Wright, playing the role of herself, gets an offer from a major studio to sell her cinematic identity: she‘ll be numerically scanned and sampled so that her alias can be used with no restrictions in all kinds of Hollywood... view more


Canada 2014, 44 min, Digital
  • Nov 1 @ 11:45pm
The world premiere of _ZERO_ takes place at the Garneau Theatre, in the same neighbourhood much of the film was shot. The Screening will be held on Hallows Day, followed by an after party (to be announced). _ZERO_ runs 44... view more

MONGREL: Offside

Director: Jafar Panahi
Iran 2006, 93 min, Digital
  • Nov 2 @ 4pm
In Iran, all women are banned from men’s sporting events. In June of 2005, Iran defeated Bahrain to qualify for the World Cup. A disparate group of girls, united only by their desire to see their beloved team play live... view more

Music Docs: Bjork: Biophilia Live

Director: Nick Fenton, Peter Strickland
UK 2014, 97 min, Digital
  • Nov 4 @ 7pm
  • Nov 8 & 10 @ 9:15pm
_Biophilia_ Live is a concert film that captures the human element of Björk’s multi-disciplinary, multimedia project. Recorded live at Björk’s show at London’s Alexandra Palace in 2013, the film features Björk and her band performing all songs on ‘Biophilia’ and... view more
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