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RFC: Chicken Run

Director: Peter Lord, Nick Park
UK/USA 2000, 84 min, Digital
  • Jan 31 @ 2pm
_Chicken Run_ is a comedy escape drama with a touch of passion set on a sinister Yorkshire chicken farm in 1950s England. Free admission for Children 12 and under!

Oscar: Last Days in Vietnam

Director: Rory Kennedy
USA 2014, 98 min, Digital
  • Jan 31 @ 4pm
  • Feb 1 @ 7pm
  • Feb 3 @ 9pm
Vividly annotating one of the most haunting images of the Vietnam War, that of dozens of South Vietnamese struggling to climb the steps to a rooftop helicopter as Saigon fell, Rory Kennedy’s documentary, focuses on the taut 24-hour period in... view more

Russia: Russian Ark

Director: Aleksandr Sokurov
Russia 2002, 99 min, Digital
  • Jan 31 & Feb 4 @ 7pm
  • Feb 1 @ 4:15pm
The subject of Sokurov’s film is no less than three centuries of Russian history. It consists of one unbroken shot lasting the entire length of the film as a camera glides through the Hermitage, the repository of Russian art and... view more

Top10: Felix and Meira

Canada 2014, 105 min, Digital
  • Jan 31 @ 9pm
Félix is an eccentric and penniless French Canadian whose wealthy father is dying. Meira is a Hasidic woman married with a child, searching for something new. They were not meant to meet, let alone fall in love. _Félix and Meira_... view more

Top10: Mommy

Director: Xavier Dolan
Canada 2014, 139 min, Digital
  • Jan 23 & 26 @ 6:45pm
  • Jan 24 & 25 @ 9:30pm
  • Jan 25 @ 12:45pm
  • Feb 1 @ 1:30pm
Xavier Dolan’s Cannes Jury Prize-winning fifth film depicts a trio of lost souls who refuse to give in, even though all three harbour a darkness in their hearts. When Diane “Die” Després (Anne Dorval) picks up her troubled 15-year-old son... view more

J-Mania: Why Don’t You Play In Hell?

Director: Shion Sono
Japan 2013, 129 min, Digital
  • Jan 30, Feb 1 & 4 @ 9:30pm
In Shion Sono’s latest film, Hirata is an aspiring director who’s intent on making a masterpiece with his film club. That dream isn’t realized until 10 years after the story’s start, following a lengthy set up involving a feud between... view more

Groundhog Day

Director: Harold Ramis
USA 1993, 101 min, Digital
  • Feb 2 @ 7pm
Every February 2, a collective breath is held across North America as the people of Punxsutawney watch for that cute little rodent to pop his head out of his burrow to let us know whether or not spring is on... view more

Top10: Corbo

Director: Mathieu Denis
Canada 2014, 119 min, Digital
  • Feb 2 @ 9pm
Mathieu Denis’ gripping solo directorial debut examines the rise of the Front de libération du Québec (FLQ), the militant separatist group that precipitated the October Crisis of 1970, through the eyes of sixteen-year-old Jean Corbo (Anthony Therrien). Radicalized by a... view more

Music Docs: Nas: Time is Illmatic

Director: One9
USA 2014, 74 min
  • Feb 3 @ 7pm
In his recent film, documentary filmmaker One9 delves deep into the making of Nas’ 1994 debut album, Illmatic, and the social conditions that influenced its creation. Twenty years after its release, Illmatic has become a hip-hop benchmark that encapsulates the... view more

Labour: Still the Enemy Within

Director: Owen Gower
UK 2014, 112 min, Digital
  • Feb 5 @ 7pm
Owen Gower’s documentary about the striking miners of 1984 and 85 is as gripping as any thriller. Thirty years on, the strike looks like a civil war that turned into a siege, during which the insurgents were starved into submission... view more

Labour: Pride

Director: Matthew Warchus
UK 2014, 120 min, Digital
  • Feb 5 @ 9:30pm
In 1984 a small group of gay activists travel from London to rural South Wales on a mission to lend their support to a beleaguered village during the town’s miners’ strike, a struggle they do not see as so different... view more
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