Be a Guest Programmer

Got an idea for a special event, or curated film series? Knowledgeable and passionate about a niche film movement, subgenre, or filmmaker? Metro’s Guest Programmer Initiative may be your opportunity to share the films you love on the big screen!


Metro Cinema is currently accepting applications for guest programmed special events and series. A shortlist of successful proposals will be selected by Metro’s programming committee to be presented between October 2023 and September 2024.



Guest Programmer Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with Metro’s programming manager to refine and finalize the films/activities and scheduling of the event/series.
  • Provide a bio and curatorial statement for promotional purposes.
  • Help promote event/series through personal social media.
  • Provide live or pre-recorded contextual intros to screenings.


Selection Process

Applications are evaluated based on several metrics including, but not limited to:

  • Feasibility – are suggested films available for theatrical screening? Are any of the activities cost prohibitive?
  • Programming Balance – does the event/series engage an audience that is underserved locally, or highlight an area of film that has been overlooked?
  • Overall Experience – Does the proposal include activities that enhance the filmgoing experience in some way?
  • Contextual Content – has the applicant demonstrated an ability to contextualize the event/series in a way that educates and fosters greater appreciation for the artform.


Other considerations

  • Selected series may need to be restructured or refined to fit within Metro’s programming schedule. Metro’s programming manager will work with the guest programmer to retain the vision and intent of the activity, while integrating it into other Metro initiatives.
  • Metro will consider applications that are date specific or are intended to take place during a certain time of year. However, due to limited programming spots, activities that have greater scheduling flexibility may be prioritized.
  • Metro will prioritize series that have a clear start and end point and can be programmed within a calendar month. Proposals for ongoing or reoccurring series are not being considered through this process.
  • Metro will not consider applications from filmmakers to screen their own work. If you would like to learn more about screening your work at metro, contact
  •  Due to the volume of films Metro presents, and the number of applications we receive, there may be times where regular Metro programming resembles a rejected application. Such situations are coincidental and unavoidable.
  • Guest programming is a volunteer position and will be recognized as such. Guest programmers are entitled to the same volunteer incentives as other Metro volunteers (i.e., society membership, special screenings, etc.).


Application Timeline