METRO GALLERY: Beyond The Horizon

The featured exhibit runs October 1 – 31, 2023 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.⁠


Artist Reception: October 5  at 5:30PM.⁠


Artist: Nicole Galellis


Artist Statement:


These recent paintings were created over the summer during a period of wildfires that have touched lives locally and globally. Using fire and smoke as symbols, my goal was to explore themes of crisis and transformation. I incorporated other imagery from nature, offering hope for renewal and resilience. I aim for this art to remind myself and others that renewal can come from disruption and change. Thank you to the Metro Cinema for hosting this exhibit and for creating inclusive programming where diverse perspectives and educational experiences can be shared.



Nicole Galellis is an artist and educator living in Edmonton. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and has participated in artist residencies in Banff, Grand Prairie and Taipei, Taiwan. Nicole’s paintings are featured in private and public collections including the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the Lois Hole Hospital and Borden Park Pavilion, Edmonton. Nicole divides her time between her studio and teaching practices, and has taught in a variety of settings: the Art Gallery of Alberta, Harcourt House Artist Run Centre, the U of A’s Faculty of Extension, the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Art. Since completing a degree in Secondary Education, Nicole has taught high school with Edmonton Public Schools.


METRO GALLERY: decade in decay

The featured exhibit runs September 1 – 30, 2023 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.⁠


Artist Reception: September 7 at 5:30PM.⁠


Artist: Brandi Strauss


Artist Statement:


For the past decade I’ve been composing collages by hand, without digital manipulation. My body of work began as a paper medium zine experimenting with Xerox duplication and colour composition. Lately, I have been interested in creating my own images for my work. Capturing images on film allows me to explore new depths, a new world created from the lens of a camera. Collaging allows me to manipulate images the way our mind manipulates our ideas of perception. The subjects presented are both familiar and ominous. The two mediums explore the paradox between the mundane and complex nature of the subconscious imagination. The images chosen are combined impressions of conflicting senses of disconnection. Our memory is manipulated and sometimes constructed by our imagination. Photography allows me to appreciate the stillness of the images I am using in my work. Meanwhile collaging allows me to deconstruct and reconstruct images the way I view the world. When either tearing up images from magazines and books or capturing them thru a lens, I am examining the emotion they place, and the memories they refine.


Brandi Strauss is a multidisciplinary self taught artist and musician exploring various forms of artistic expression. Over the past decade Brandi has performed and released work under the moniker Static Control. Exploring multiple mediums of art, naturally drawn and captivated by the power of imagery. The art of photography and the carefully crafted art of collage are a meditative process; appreciating beauty, and reflecting on fleeting moments that we create. Examining the ominous elements of humanity, and how we maintain to co-exist with the natural world – despite its chaos.

Metro Cinema Poster Sale

Our poster sale is back and sooner than expected! We’re clearing out our overstock of theatrical movie posters, new and old. Join us during our season launch weekend for a one-day-only sale in the lobby of the Garneau on Sunday, September 10th, from 3PM to 5PM.


See what hidden gems you might discover with hundreds of posters up for sale, a mix of recent releases and older favourites all selling for $10 a piece.



Admission is free, however, it might be worth noting that those who attend our Kino Confidential: Secret Screening at 1PM will get early access to the sale.


The featured exhibit runs August 1 – 31, 2023 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.⁠


Artist Reception: August 10 at 5:30PM.⁠


Artist: Jeff Collins



Artist Statement:


Art that is meaningful for me, always perfectly reflects the person who made it. I can see their personality in every brushstroke, compositional decision, and every other aspect of the work. I think that those truly wonderful works of art, that affect the majority of us, are expressions of something from deep within the maker’s soul and most of the time they were probably not even aware of what was happening until they were finished. Perhaps then that is why when I make art that comes from that place deep inside of me I gain a little better understanding of who I am and how I fit into this world.


For many years I painted landscapes of places I’ve been to, and I’ve chosen my subject matter from the experiences I’ve had while in nature. When I first head off on a hike or other experience with nature, my senses are often over stimulated with all that is going on. The lights and shadows, colours, sounds, smells, everything I experience is hitting me all at once, but then suddenly it happens. I walk over a hill or around a corner or something, and all of a sudden the scene in front of me gives me awe and causes me to pause to take it all in. All of my senses seem to stimulate the same reaction in me all at once. Those are the scenes I choose to paint. The paintings that result from that experience are highly representational of the landscape in front of me but of course, with my own interpretation. Over the past couple of years I began exploring and experimenting new ways to communicate my experiences of the natural world.


I created stencils of plants and animals and other things, even a canoe to use as symbols. The grizzly bear is an animal that has come to me in my dreams ever since I was a small child. For me it symbolizes strength and power along with a little bit of the unknown or unpredictable. I chose the turtle to symbolize friendship and childlike curiosity (one of my first pets I had when I was a child was a turtle). The crow symbolizes a connection to the supernatural (divine) realm where I see the crow as a communicator from the divine to us and us to the divine. The canoe symbolizes my journey, both physically and spiritually, the textured background symbolizes the natural and organic physical realm, and the geometric shapes symbolizes a spiritual realm that is organized and has a planned design.


The works in this exhibition are a type of watershed moment for me when it comes to my career as an artist. I was very fortunate to receive an exploration grant from the Edmonton Art Council to assist me with developing this body of work and I anticipate that many of these paintings are at the beginning of a visual journey to express my experience of this natural realm. I look forward to what I will discover on this journey.



 Jeff Collins is a visual artist with nearly 30 years of studio practice living and working in Edmonton. His formal studies were at Red Deer College (now known as Red Deer Polytechnic) and the University of Alberta. Collins has received many awards and recognition for his artwork, notably the Telus Courage to Innovate in the Arts and in 2013/14 he served as the City of Edmonton’s inaugural Artist in Residence. His paintings have sold nationally and internationally. In 2019 he opened Collins Studio Gallery in Alberta Avenue District (Edmonton, AB) where he presents exhibitions from emerging and established artists, hosts experimental music gigs from some of Edmonton’s most avant-guard musicians, and teaches art lessons. As an art educator and facilitator, he strives to connect people to art and creativity, encouraging skill-building, laughter, and personal growth.


The featured exhibit runs July 1 – 31, 2023 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.⁠


Artist Reception: July 13 at 5:30PM.⁠


Artist: Laura La France


Artist Statement:


I started taking photos with 35mm disposable cameras in 2016—in part to prove to myself that I was an artist, and in part to seek a sense of identity as a settler on the Canadian prairies. I feel as temporary and fragile on this land as the abandoned homesteads and chewed up fields, and as fast-paced and thoughtless as the cities. I love this land and I love capturing it on film. My work with photography was largely replaced by Super 8 film in 2019. The same pursuit, the same drive, but with a different medium. Now, I look at my work and I can see who I was and who I am now; how differently I feel about myself and about my home, but that sense of fragility has never gone away.


Laura La France is a self-made director, editor and cinematographer based in Amiskwaciwâskahikan / Edmonton, Alberta. Laura works in a variety of styles and formats, with a specialty in Super 8 film production and editing. With her own documentary projects in the works, Laura shoots film for musicians, poets, weddings, breweries, tattoo parlours, film societies, and other artists’ movie projects.

METRO GALLERY: Short Term Memory Loss

The featured exhibit runs June 1 – 30, 2023 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.⁠


Artist Reception: June 1 at 5:30PM.⁠


Artist: Craig Talbot


Artist Statement:


Instinct, raw emotion, honesty and courage are some of the themes that weave their way through my work. My paintings are always a reflection of my life. I believe it is the duty of an artist to tell the truth. I do this in a flurry of paint and washes left to drip down the canvas, combined with bold solid brushstrokes and elaborate patterns. I wish to express myself by using bright colours, text, collage and both realistic and sculptural elements in my work. More recently I have been inspired in my life and in my work by the fact that I suffer from chronic pain. I find inspiration in the strength and courage it takes to go on with another day of pain. I also developed a sense of spirituality from the experience. These occurrences brought a true purpose to my work. Like a quest or a mission, I vowed I would not let pain and other ailments affect me negatively any longer.


My work is often a reflection of the past as well. Good and bad. Art helps me keep a balance when I get lost in negative feelings from the past. It keeps me grounded. But many of the things from the past are things that make me happy. These things are music, album covers, skateboard graphics and comic books. Currently I am influenced by the neo-surrealist artwork happening in Los Angeles and the pop art of Tokyo.


Although an abstract painter, I am heavily influenced by hyper-realistic art. I often use realistic elements in my paintings, usually still life. Presently I am making realistic drawings and abstract paintings I try to push the boundaries between the limits of a canvas and the walls of the gallery itself. There are 3 themes that are present in my work: pain, happiness, and spirituality. I use scissors and patterns and trees as vehicles of my expression. Scissors symbolize a spiritual world. Essentially when the blades are open, the world is revealed. When they are closed only reality is present. Trees are a theme that started in art school. I used to make huge sculptures of trees. They have appeared in many drawings and paintings. Working with trees is a redemption for me, and this new work brings things back full circle. I also create paintings that are based on repetitive shapes, often dots or circles. They represent the presence of pain. The shapes and textures are a symbol of the rigid order of pain in its many forms. Finally, I like to create narratives about the work as a serious but lighthearted expression of life as it occurs. Ultimately my work is a self portrait of sorts.


Art reveals to me what I need to know about myself, and that is how I find my truth.



Craig Talbot was born in 1974. He has lived in many places in Canada and the US. Even above the old and contemporary masters, Talbot is most influenced by comic book art, album covers and skateboard graphics. He currently resides in Cardston AB where he thrives in the peaceful beauty of southern Alberta. His work is part of many private collections, and he has shown his work locally in Alberta, and nationally at the True Patriot Love Fundraiser in Toronto and internationally at Modart Gallery in Miami. He was also the curator for the exhibition: “Mechanical vs. Organic” at Untitled Art Society in Calgary.



The featured exhibit runs May 1 – 31, 2023 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.⁠


Artist Reception: May 20 at 5:30PM.⁠


Artist: Finn Phillips


Artist Statement:


‘Extractor’ is a self portrait and stream-of-consciousness rumination on our various roles as creators, consumers and destroyers of social and biological systems. The works use canvas, paint, welded metal, thread, and 3D-printed polymer filament in multi-layered, fluid compositions which invite the viewer to contemplate exploitation, resilience, and the connections between township roads, geometry, memory, planarians, drilling rigs, and feathers. What does it mean to take what we need?


Finn Phillips was born in Edmonton, Alberta. He studied painting and printmaking at Red Deer College and received a Visual Art diploma in 2004. His work includes paintings in oil, acrylic, and mixed media on canvas, printmaking, and sculptures in fibre, concrete, and welded metal. Finn’s work has been displayed throughout Alberta in group and solo shows, and his work is held in various private collections.


METRO GALLERY: Kicking Tires

The featured exhibit runs April 1 – 30, 2023 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.⁠


Artist Reception: April 8 at 2PM.⁠


Artist: Beth Pederson


Artist Statement:



The phrase kicking tires or kicking the tires is derived from the automobile industry and generally means to assess the quality of something before buying it. For this exhibition, the title references my interest in observation of mechanical objects from the past and in some cases their history in pop culture.


I am drawn to these everyday objects of the past for their aesthetics: simplicity of form, colour, and character. I enjoy painting machines like farm tractors because they are painted with fun, bright colours that make them pop out in their surroundings, and farmers can often identify a brand of a tractor by the colour they are painted. The tractor also represents an era where mechanical objects were less complicated and easier to repair by their owners, providing farmers with greater independence.


In the case of the Ford Pinto, I was interested in the story of how a simple adjustment of the mechanical design of the car could have easily prevented the horrific accidents that the car became known for in 1970’s pop culture. The painting that I developed from the story of the Pinto, reflects a bright orange, popular in the 1970s and a drawing schematic that shows how the safety of the car could be improved by moving the fuel tank.


These paintings are a continuation of my exploration of identifying beauty in everyday objects and their place in society’s past.



Beth Pederson began her studies in Fine Art at MacEwan University where she earned a Fine Arts Diploma. Determined to continue her studies, Beth transferred to NSCAD University (Nova Scotia College of Art and Design) where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2003. Since graduating from NSCAD, Beth has continued to work as a practicing artist and has exhibited predominantly in the Edmonton area. She has participated in a several group shows in Edmonton and St. Albert, at both commercial galleries and artist-run-centres. Her work is in many private collections in Alberta and is also in the public collection of the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.

Job Posting – Projectionist/Audio-Visual Technician

Job Posting – Projectionist/Audio-Visual Technician
Metro Cinema Society


Metro Cinema is Edmonton’s community movie house, dedicated to the presentation of film and video in many forms. We program and host a thousand events each year at the historic Garneau Theatre. We exhibit film and support live music and theatrical performances throughout the year.


Metro is seeking a projectionist/audio-visual technician to join our team in the projection booth.


The successful applicant will have professional audio-visual experience and be proficient in setting up, testing, operating, and re-configuring presentation equipment for live music and theatrical events. They will have good, working knowledge of live event production technology and be comfortable in a fast-paced work environment, producing events, and liaising with clients. Experience with film editing and the adobe creative suite is not essential but would be an asset. Experience in the procedures of digital film projection is ideal, but if not then a willingness to learn is essential.


This is a part-time, ongoing position with potential for advancement. Work schedule is flexible:  most of the work happens during evenings and weekends, but some daytime work is expected. We’re looking for someone for around 10-15 hours/week at $17/hour.


Cover letter and resume may be sent in confidence to The deadline for applications is April 3, 2023.

METRO GALLERY: Insalata Mista

The featured exhibit runs March 1 – 31, 2023 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.⁠

Artist Reception: March 10 at 5:30PM.⁠


Artist: Jimmy Golden


Artist Statement:

Making art is a curious and often wonderful occupation. It can also be frustrating and infuriating, but all in all it does make for an interesting life. It can engage the deep belly of the soul, and aid in the self discovery that is inherent in the creative process. In my earliest years at elementary school, I spent so much time and energy drawing in the margins of my scribblers that my teachers took note. They called my parents to suggest that I enrol in Saturday morning art classes at the Art Gallery of Edmonton which was in a house on 105th Street at the time. I took to it like a duck to water, attending Saturday morning classes for many years. My education and most of the work that I have done has always been meant to enhance my art, and ultimately my enjoyment and the quality of life. Enjoying and delving into the infinite fascination of “the chemistry of colour” and the observation of the natural rhythms of Nature has been at the core of my entire life, and practice.


Our local universe is filled with an unending pageant of form and colour that I have always used as source material for my art. The myriad variations of animate life provide me with more than ample inspiration to reflect the infinite wonder that we are witness to in this finite existence. I have long been drawn to the ancient Chinese philosophy called Taoism. It is based on the observation of the natural opposites that comprise this world and indeed our lives. Life is created when these opposites meet and dance. In almost all art, there are both positive and negative spaces. The empty, or negative, spaces are of the same importance as the solid, or positive spaces. Their value is identical. Yin equals Yang. “Insalata Mista” is Italian for “mixed salad”. The paintings that I present here are indeed a mixed bag of my response to living here in this amazing world. There is always something new to witness and experience, amidst all that is old and familiar to us. For me, making art has always been a personal reflection of the mystery and majesty that we are all heir to.