METRO GALLERY: Karl Paltunnil’s Apology To You

The featured exhibit runs December 1-31, 2022 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.


Artist Reception: December 17 @ 5PM


Artist Statement:

My name is Jason Dublanko, and I create experimental painting and collage in the city of Edmonton. I like art that is innocent and unpretentious, deeply personal, and striking in colour and form. I sometimes use found objects such as wood boards or shelves and apply acrylic paint, drawn doodles, and ripped pages of writing with glue. I try not to spend any money on art supplies. My process is playful and unsure, loosely based on principles of young imagination, stream of conscious thought, luck, and deformed instinct. I think my role as an artist is a manic need to obsessively construct a private and personal vision and make it public, subverting any and all static and unapologetic norms.


Karl Paltunnil’s: Apology to You is a therapeutic experiment in spontaneity, and a constrained use of limited time and limited resources. This work has mostly been done in the last three weeks of November (2022), and has felt like a battle I can almost win. I still have nine days left upon writing this – and I hope to complete the six abstract paintings I am including in the show. I will display them even if they are a disaster. I thank you for listening to my story, and I hope you enjoy my art 🙂

METRO GALLERY: Wild Rose Country – Alberta’s Liminal Spaces

The featured exhibit runs November 1-30, 2022 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.


Artist Reception: November 24 @ 5PM


Artist Statement:

This project broadly serves as a document of the types of architecture and design that occupy the landscape of Alberta, as well as the many communities that populate it. The images are a monograph of life in Alberta and also a reflection of the artist’s relationship with the spaces around him – seemingly unremarkable on the surface yet romantic and outside of the ordinary.

Owen Armstrong is a British-born multi-disciplinary artist whose photographic work explores a range of subjects including erotica, portraiture, architecture, industry, community, and travel. Visit to view his work.


The featured exhibit runs October 1-31, 2022 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.


Artist Reception: October 21 @ 5PM


Artist Statement:

“Looking into my personal mythology, I create and reflect on an ongoing, non-linear narrative inspired by memories and dreams of the landscape where I grew up, and by the immediate process of mark-making. This series of 14 drawings explores a mix of painting and drawing media, with playful use of colours such as hot pink and gold. I focused on depicting strong female forms in bright, dream-like clothing woven into real and imagined landscapes, hoping to evoke feelings of optimism, fun, and connection.”


Lisa Rezansoff comes from a sunny place in southern British Columbia, surrounded by rivers, lakes, mountains and forests. In 2011 Lisa received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Alberta, where her focus was on Drawing, Printmaking and Painting. She then completed an 8 month studio residency at SNAP (Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists). Lisa’s work has been exhibited in various locations including Cafe Mosaics, Artery, SNAP, Latitude 53, Stollery Gallery, Edmonton City Hall, Jackson Power building, and the Grand Forks Art Gallery. She has done Illustration for Unlimited magazine, and her drawings have been featured numerous times in Notebook magazine. Lisa currently lives and works in Edmonton.

Metro Cinema Original Poster Auction 2022

There are movie posters, and then there are Metro Cinema movie posters! Created by our team of dedicated, talented, and inspired volunteers, each poster used to showcase our upcoming programming is a one of a kind design worthy of being printed at theatrical scale and hung in a gallery to be admired by the masses.


And as it so happens, Metro Cinema is proud to present the opportunity to do just that…or something very close! As of Sunday August 28th at 3:30PM MST you will be able to bid on FOUR original high definition posters, sized at 24” x 36” and framed for your convenience to hang in a gallery of your own at home!


Bidding will end one day after September 9th’s Season Launch on September 10th at 12:00PM MST and all proceeds will be used as a part of our fundraising efforts for Metro’s upcoming season of programming.

METRO GALLERY: Never Before Seen and Here Before Your Eyes

The featured exhibit runs September 1-30, 2022 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.


Artist Reception: September 16 @ 5PM


Artist Statement
“In making new art, I was trying to end up with artwork I hadn’t seen before. These pieces on paper started out as being based on atypical reference photos. Once I was comfortable with that translation to paper, I set sights on resolving each picture by further additions of line, colour, and fill-ins. However comfortably successful or ultimately unsuccessful these may be to look at, they’re what became of each blank paper as the permanent marks were made. Similarly, the animations you can view here were made in a way where edits could only be made along the way from beginning to end because of the process I liked working through. The end of each animation left me with captured frames for a video along with any remaining physical parts along the way, or a working surface that wasn’t worked all the way to disintegrated paper.”



Jordan Rule made art within no focused chosen discipline while in art school in Grande Prairie and Lethbridge. After graduation he felt happy with subject matter through film photography, but has always still missed making artworks in the physical way he once did. It’s true animating preserved that to a degree, however these artworks here show him trying to find that again.


Ticket and Concession Price Update

It’s no surprise that the current state of inflation affects every household and business. It’s a reality that expenses are increasing, from film shipping to popcorn kernels and butter, let alone the electricity surging through the projector and onto the screen.


Metro has not updated our ticket prices in five years, and we do whatever we can to keep screenings in the Garneau affordable and accessible. We continue to offer frequent specials, including by-donation screenings and bonus content you won’t find elsewhere.


As of September 2022, Metro’s regular prices have been adjusted to the following:


Regular admission ticket prices:
Adult: $14
Student: $11
Senior: $11
Youth: $11
Tuesdays: $8 for all!


Regular concession prices:
Popcorn: $5 / $6 / $6.50
Fountain drinks: $3.50 / $4.50 / $5
Candy: $2.50 / $4.50


Want to save some cash and support Metro in the process? Purchase a Silver Screen annual pass or Cinema Six Pack to get more value as a regular customer. You can find more details about our passes here:


This isn’t an easy time for anyone’s finances, and we thank you for your understanding.

METRO GALLERY: The Everlasting Journey

The featured exhibit runs August 1-31, 2022 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.


Paula Sommers has had a lifelong love for art. Her paintings are abstract impressions of places, people, or ideas created with lush splashes of color and playful brushwork. Sommers’ particular style opens a dialogue with the viewer, suggesting ideas and features through color and form, yet leaving interpretation open to her audience. Born in Calgary, Sommers is wonderfully adept at absorbing the feeling of a place and then recreating in her very personal artistic language. “Celebrate life, humans, the marks people make on the world, and our community. Treasure the local, the eccentric, the ordinary; whatever is made from caring. Respect what people have built for themselves and given away. Find the beauty in some battered old wall, give it new life, share color and joy with the world while it stands still.” Sommers lives and works in Alberta, Canada.

Metro Cinema Merch

We know you all love Metro Cinema and show your support by coming out to our screenings, but have you ever thought about taking a little bit of Metro home with you? We’re not talking about our tasty popcorn—although you know what? Go ahead and treat yourself. Take home a bag for later. You deserve it.


What we’re actually talking about though is the brand new merch we have in stock! If you were thinking it’s time to put some new art on your wall, change up the pins on your jacket, or add a snazzy new shirt into your wardrobe, then we’ve got you covered. You can now purchase any or all of these items from the Metro Cinema box office during evenings and weekends when we’re open for screenings.


Enamel Pins: $10

Glossy Posters (11×17): $10

T-shirts (size S–3XL): $30


Remember the days before Metro joined the 21st Century and got a digital ticket system? iykyk.



11×17 glossy.





METRO GALLERY: twig salad, mountain soup. 

The featured exhibit runs July 1-31, 2022 in Metro Gallery in the Garneau Theatre lobby.


Artist Statement
Lisi and Gwen’s joint art installation is the centre of the exhibit, which also features some new pieces their parents have created responding to their lines, subject matter, materials and process.


Gwendolyn Turner, Annalisa Hartfeil-Richards & Co., or Lisi and Gwen, are friends and their parents make art, music, film, and culture as their primary occupation. Lisi is a 4-year-old who creates maps and bug drawings as well as papier-mache witches and egg salad sandwiches. Gwen is 3 and interested in drawing snakes, sidewalks and monsters.


Young artists join parents in Metro Gallery showing – The Edmonton Journal

Call for Gallery Submissions 2022/2023

Metro Cinema offers Edmonton unique cinematic experiences that engage, entertain, and educate. We invite artists working in any aspect of visual arts—two dimensional, three dimensional, or video—to submit their work to our gallery for consideration. The Metro Gallery is located in the lobby of the historic Garneau Theatre and has multiple areas for displaying art: 2 10ft-wide wall spaces, an enclosed display case, and a projector and lobby screen. Submissions may include the use of any or all of these areas.

Metro Cinema will provide a $100.00 honorarium and Metro movie passes to each monthly artist, and offers the opportunity for artists to sell their work during their exhibition. Work accepted will generally be programmed for a one-month period and scheduled to mutual satisfaction with selected artists.


Submission Requirements:

  • Artist CV with current contact information
  • Artist statement, and bio (each max 150 words)
  • Image list (title, medium, date made, dimensions)
  • 3-10 images of work proposed

All requirements must be submitted digitally (i.e. Images sent in JPEG format, word documents sent in PDF format, etc.) and should be labeled accordingly.



  • E-mail submissions to with the topic line Gallery Submission.
  • Name your JPEG files as follows: 1yourname_titleofwork, 2yourname_titleofwork, etc.
  • Submissions must be appropriate for all ages.
  • Pieces must be ready to be installed upon arrival.


Additional Information:

  • Wall spaces are approx. 6′ high by 10.5′ wide.
  • Glass fronted display area is approx. 4′ high by 4′ wide by 2′ deep. There is power and illumination in the display area.
  • A projector and smaller theatre screen in the lobby is also available for use.
  • Your artwork will be displayed for the duration of the month chosen.

Submissions accepted year round. For more information and to submit your work, e-mail


Gallery Layout: