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Baby Steps: A self-portrait by Jeff Noel & Ashleigh Brown

Director: Jeff Noel & Ashleigh Brown
Canada 2009, 100 min
  • Nov 15 (2009) @ 7pm
A collection of tricks and takes on the Home Movie, Baby Steps consists of five experimental autobiographical films and videos made over the past decade by and about the family of Jeff Noel, Ashleigh Brown, and their sons Alley-oop and... view more

And the Rest is Drag w/ Invasion: Lesbian Beauty Queens

  • Nov 16 (2009) @ 8pm
The world premiere of Edmonton-made doc And the Rest is Drag, about the Alberta Beef Drag King Troupe, screens with the film Invasion: The Lesbian Beauty Queens. There will be a reception in the lobby following the screening.

Ukrainian Children's Cartoons

  • Nov 18 & 19 (2009) @ 10am
A selection of Ukrainian children's cartoons. Free admission.

Short Film Series

Director: Various directors
  • Nov 20 (2009) @ 7pm
Short films representing a variety of contemporary Ukrainian directors, genres and subjects. Films include: Tatarin Bratko (experimental), The Tram No9 Goes On (animation), Signs (experimental mobile), A Play for Three Actors (animation), Taxi Driver (Feature), Next (animation).

Sappho: Love Without Limits

Director: Robert Crombie
Ukraine 2008, 92 min
  • Nov 20 (2009) @ 9pm
The film Sappho: Love Without Limits is a provocative, passionate and enthralling love story, set on the Greek island of Lesbos in the 1920s. The movie is centered on a modern love triangle between a newlywed American couple, Sappho and... view more

Bohdan-Zinoviy Khmelnitskiy

Director: Mykola Maschenko
Ukraine 2006, 117 min
  • Nov 21 (2009) @ 7pm
A beautifully filmed historic drama about emancipating wars of the Ukrainian people against Poland (1648 1657) - fight under Zbarazhem. Led by Bogdan Khmelnitskiy, the Cossack army took the small town Zbarazh in a dense siege. Khmelnitsky’s victorious advance won... view more

Black Council

Director: Mykola Zaseyev-Rudenko
Ukraine 2002, 145 min
  • Nov 21 (2009) @ 9pm
The film is based on the novel by classic Ukrainian writer Panteleimon Kulish. The main events of the film develop in the times in history that were difficult for Ukraine. After death of B. Khmelnytsky, competition for the hetman's position... view more

Programer's Blurb April 2014

By : metro

Hi Everyone///

We all love going to the movies. More than just entertainment, the best films also have the power to enchant, inform, and transport us, viscerally and emotionally. Few filmmakers have been able to achieve this feat so consistently as the artist in Metro’s spotlight this month, who once said of his work: “I don’t want to make merely intellectual films. I want audiences to feel, to sense my films. This to me is much more important than understanding them.” With that sentiment, we present a spotlight on Ingmar Bergman, featuring a new documentary, Liv & Ingmar, along ...

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